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cue management in logic
Last post Fri, Jun 29 2007 by Fred Story, 3 replies.
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Posted on Sat, Jun 23 2007 11:25
by Martin Bayless
Joined on Sat, Oct 25 2003, New York, USA, Posts 266
a colleague has asked how to manage multiple cues for a feature film in logic. as a dp user, i can only offer limited advice based on my own workflow. in essence, i create a single file for the whole movie, then create separate sequences within that file for each cue. each has its own start time at the beginning of the cue and markers and tempo, etc. pertain only to that cue. the instrument setup is also a part of the master file so the routing and plugs etc. are all available to each sequence without having to set them up more than once. thereafter, it only takes five seconds or so to switch between cues.

is something like this possible in logic? how do you guys do it?
Posted on Sat, Jun 23 2007 11:56
by KMuzzey
Joined on Tue, Jul 22 2003, Los Angeles, CA, Posts 270
A composer friend taught me the coolest trick in Logic. Here's how it works. It's PERFECT for showing things to clients because it avoids the hassle of loading cues individually & allows you to screen the entire film at once. (this assumes that you've opened the film in Logic and are scoring to chase the picture)

1) create a song file for the full movie, save it & put it away for later.
2) go ahead and create individual song files for each cue and score right to picture
3) output each cue as a Broadcast Wave (bwav)
4) open your original full-movie song file and create and audio track
5) drop the bwav's into the audio track. They will automatically land exactly where they're supposed to, because the bwav format has the timecode information embedded in it.

So when you need to preview a film for a client, you just open that single file that contains all your bwav's, and you can watch straight through without stopping.

It made my life a hundred times easier and TOTALLY speeds up the whole client-screening session!

Posted on Fri, Jun 29 2007 11:20
by Fred Story
Joined on Tue, Jul 08 2003, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, Posts 257
I also use Kerry's method. Works great. I find it easier to have each cue be a separate Logic song...especially since there's nothing like DP's chunks feature. This way, if cuts are made or scenes are added, all that's required is changing the start times of subsequent cues - easy to do once you figure the offset.

BTW - how have you been Martin? Send me a PM if you have a moment.

Fred Story
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