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NEW unOfficial EXS24mkII VSL User File Exchange
Last post Mon, Jan 22 2007 by TeloyB, 44 replies.
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Posted on Thu, Dec 22 2005 01:13
by guayalex
Joined on Mon, Dec 19 2005, Posts 17
... Maybe its (as I mentioned above) my older logic version which makes the problem (as there is this warning message that it could make problems to open this Logic 7 File with Logic Version 6 but I don't believe that ...
Posted on Thu, Dec 22 2005 17:31
by Kai
Joined on Sun, Dec 29 2002, Graz, Austria, Posts 187
since as far as i know i didn't use anything that's new in logic 7, i guess the tool should work. however, i'm afraid (i can't check it at the moment since i don't have my logic key here) that although it is possible to change articulations with the mouse, it is not possible to record them this way. actually i didn't even consider this Smile, since it is much more convenient with keys. everything else (keys, buttons or program change messages) should work - sorry that i wasn't clear on this point in the manual.
concerning the keyboard control you may need to adjust the base note to match the lowest C on your keyboard - otherwise the setup procedure should be explained in the manual. to check if the tool runs under v6 watch the output monitor of the tool - if the midi channel of note-on events changes after you select another articulation it works and there is a problem with the routing from your arrange-object to the exs-instances for the different articulations.

unfortunately, these download pages seem to work only occasionally (i had the same problem when i tried to upload it Smile). therefore thanks for your offer to mirror the exs-exchange-files on your site.
Posted on Fri, Dec 23 2005 17:54
by guayalex
Joined on Mon, Dec 19 2005, Posts 17
I'm so happy to hear from you that quick ! Big Smile
Your manual is very helpfull and I understand the basics (of how it should work).
But allthough the manual is well written (especially helpfull are the pictures) it was not helpfull enough in finding out how to make my masterkeyboard changing Keyswitches.

But I could find it ut by myself ! Not because I understood the manual but because I experimented like 2 days (12 hours) switching between almost all possible combinations and finally had the idea to put a MONITOR between Logics Physical Input and the Articulation Tool. So I could see that my Keyboard was sending all the Note-On's at the Nr. 6.

Why 6 ? This was unexpected. Consequently I changed the Midi-Channel of the Articulation Tool to 6 and this was the (even more unexpected) solution !

To me (as a experienced user of Logic Audio) it was weired to find out that my Masterkeyboards notes in Logic Audio arrive on Channel 6 allthough the Midi-Channel 1 is connected and displayed on my Unitor USB Midi-Interface ! I don't really understand this but I don't have to I'm happy that the Stuff is working and very satisfied. I'm gonna have much much Fun with your super creative and intelligent Tool (+working solution) and I'm damn Gratefull and its an honour for me being one of the "beta-tester" of your tool ... yeeeaah !

Finally :
In order to help users in future I suggest that you integrate a sentence in your .pdf file where you give the hint to use a monitor in between of the Physical Input and the articulation-Tool in order to find out the Midi-Channel-Nr. and than select this one in the Articulation Tool so that "beginers" as I am have it more easy to figure out.

Happy Xmess to you ( and all vsl-users [Wink] )
Posted on Mon, Jan 22 2007 23:27
by TeloyB
Joined on Mon, Jan 08 2007, Posts 38
hep kai,
thanx for sharin´. i will definitely try this soon.
shortcuts in wilderness are definitely welcome...

peace, teloy.
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