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Official Redmatica Pre-NAMM Rumor Thread
Last post Sat, Jan 15 2005 by Laurent, 7 replies.
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Posted on Thu, Jan 13 2005 23:49
by plowman
Joined on Sat, Dec 13 2003, Posts 1175
As membership coordinator for the Andrea Gozzi Fan Club, I consider it my compelling duty to launch this thread in the hopes of discerning in advance the meaning of the cryptic promise on Agoz' Redmatica.com thread:

"What you have been waiting for years, for the EXS 24, will be revealed on January 20."

This man whom we venerate, who has tearfully reunited orphaned samples with their rightful programs and ferreted through our numberless clones, now has a dramatic reveal for our very own EXS24.

And dare we to hope that we may be forever relieved of the stultifying, ice-age interface of the EXS editor (nay, not the plug-in but the editor itself)? Could life hold so great a reward for our determined loyalty to this platform?

We must ponder. Not that I know -- I've never met the man we honor. But on these very pages we pleaded that such a soul would undertake such a task. May I not be wrong to dream in slack-jawed wonder of such a thing.
Posted on Fri, Jan 14 2005 03:08
by stupid8track
Joined on Thu, Mar 13 2003, Posts 230
whatever he has up his sleeve, i can't wait. he's a blessing.

certainly some kind of editor improvement is needed.

all i can say is i really really wish autosampler had been around back when i had a studio full of synths. sadly, i went all software a year and a half too early - god knows i miss a lot of the patches i had.

cheers to andrea
Posted on Fri, Jan 14 2005 10:15
by evan evans
Joined on Tue, Jun 17 2003, Hollywood, CA, Posts 2058
I'm assuming it's native integration of EXS Manager into the Logic app, ie: Apple buys EM technology for direct integration into Logic. Makes sense to me.

Evan Evans
Evan Evans
Film Scoring Academy
Posted on Fri, Jan 14 2005 14:36
by cKaz
Joined on Sat, Nov 06 2004, Montreal, Canada, Posts 54
(Holding envelope to head) Mmmm, something to do with a new native format sample merge.......
Posted on Sat, Jan 15 2005 16:27
by Nigel Watson
Joined on Fri, Dec 20 2002, Cologne, Germany, Posts 365
right, Andrea has completely redesigned the exs Editor.....???!!! [[[Big Smile]]] [[[Big Smile]]] [[[Big Smile]]] [[[Big Smile]]]


PS now it has proper Giga import and release sample implementation too....

....but actually it's probably something better than all that [Wink]
Posted on Sat, Jan 15 2005 16:56
by agoz
Joined on Sun, Aug 31 2003, Posts 108
Interesting speculations...... let's see what comes out of the bag in a few days...


Andrea at Redmatica
Posted on Sat, Jan 15 2005 19:30
by Laurent
Joined on Thu, Sep 05 2002, Paris, Posts 337
If Niguels's speculations are right, that would be a terrific boost to the Logic Pro value
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