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Optimize tracks faster than real time!
Last post Tue, Jul 25 2006 by westwoodi, 5 replies.
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Posted on Mon, Jul 24 2006 17:25
by JBacal
Joined on Sat, Mar 27 2004, Posts 1206
Here's how.

Set VI to learn. Bounce tracks in sequencer. Click optimize in VI. Then if you want just delete bounced tracks.

Works like a charm and saves me tons of time.

Posted on Mon, Jul 24 2006 19:09
by westwoodi
Joined on Tue, Feb 28 2006, UK, Posts 24

I too have found that technique to be very useful. What I find slightly less hassle (Using Cubase that is), is to freeze the VI after setting it to learn mode. It is important to make sure that the 'Unload VI after freezing' option is NOT ticked when prompted. After freezing is complete, immediately unfreeze and optimize in the VI.

I know it is effectively the same thing as you are doing, but track is automatically deleted by the unfreeze command.

Of course this suggestion maybe of no use if you do not use Cubase!


Posted on Mon, Jul 24 2006 19:37
by Austin
Joined on Thu, Oct 31 2002, California, Posts 373
Wow I'm excited to try that trick. That's great and I use Cubase as well. I haven't used the freeze feature though with the VI because it crashed the last time but maybe that was because I had the unload from ram turned on...Anyways, thanks for sharing guys. This could be a real time saver and advantage to getting the most out of a machine in the quickest manner. Big Smile
Posted on Mon, Jul 24 2006 23:33
by tomhartman
Joined on Fri, May 07 2004, Florida, Posts 567
I use Freeze in Nuendo (Mac) all the time, and use the "Unload from Memory" option to save system resources. I have never had a problem with it, and unfreezing a track takes just a few moments. It's one of the things in Nuendo that works very well, as opposed to Logic, which had a lot of freeze problems with VI on Mac...

Posted on Tue, Jul 25 2006 06:45
by westwoodi
Joined on Tue, Feb 28 2006, UK, Posts 24
I thought I should just clarify something from my post...

In the situation under consideration, I only use the freeze function as a method of supplying the information to the VI what articulations and notes are needed so that the VI learn function can operate correctly. As Jay pointed out, the operation can be done faster than real time. The reason therefore for unticking 'Unload VI after freezing' is that in this particular case it is a redundant and time consuming operation. If I were to use the freeze function as designed then I too would usually unload the VI to save system resources.

I'm not sure if this point was clear, but if not I hope it is now.


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