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Considering buying Overdrive Horizon Series - Help!
Last post Mon, Mar 17 2008 by jeffn1, 4 replies.
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Posted on Tue, Jan 29 2008 02:28
by edrummist@yahoo.com
Joined on Tue, Jan 29 2008, Posts 2

I am looking at buying Overdrive Guitars sample DVD (a clearance deal) via an online music store and have a couple of questions.

- First, I have Halion Player, I read that there is some program VSL offers to convert the samples from Gigasampler format to Halion. Is this correct and will it work with Halion Player?

- Second, if the answer to the first question is yes, does anyone who owns this have opinions on how it sounds and how difficult/easy it is to use? I mainly care about rhythm guitar tracks. 

- Last, does the performance tool require that I purchase a VSL dongle (I prefer not to purchase another dongle, so this may be a deal killer). 




Posted on Tue, Jan 29 2008 13:43
by Paul
Joined on Sat, Aug 03 2002, Vienna, Posts 12106

 Hi eDrummist,

we have converted the Overdrive Guitars for HALion, but unfortunately the integration of the Performance Tool is quite tricky. I would rather choose to use Overdrive with Kontakt (2 or 3 has the Performance Tool implemented via scripting), EXS24, GS 3 or, even better, the Vienna Instruments.

Here are some demos to check out the sound.

Overdrive will work great as a lead and heavy guitar and there are also some power chords included, here is an overview, but Overdrive is not explicitely a rhythm guitar.

You will not need a key for our Horizon Series.

Hope that helps!



Paul Kopf
Product Manager - Vienna Symphonic Library
Posted on Tue, Jan 29 2008 14:37
by edrummist@yahoo.com
Joined on Tue, Jan 29 2008, Posts 2

 Thank you for the reply.

Since it sounds like Overdrive is not primarily intended for rhythm guitar parts and as you are recommending a different sampler than Halion (the one I own), it seems I should explore other options; perhaps I'll consider the instrument version down the road. In any event, thanks for being so helpful. 



Posted on Mon, Mar 17 2008 19:52
by jeffn1
Joined on Sat, Aug 25 2007, Posts 16

Hey, edrummist.  I recognize you from k-v-r.

Anyway, although I guess you are not supposed to criticize software on the developers website, I have to say I just can't seem to get much out of this library (I have the Kontatk version).  If they created some multis for Kontakt 2, there might be world of difference (hint, hint).  I do not find the performance tool to be helpful at all.


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