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Velocity X-Fade & "Chase Events"
Last post Wed, Mar 05 2008 by vtimmerm, 3 replies.
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Posted on Wed, Mar 05 2008 19:45
by vtimmerm
Joined on Thu, Mar 15 2007, Netherlands, Posts 33


Question to my fellow Cubase users:

As you know Cubase has a "Chase Events" feature. From the Help File:

Chase is basically a function that makes sure your MIDI instruments sound as they should when you locate to a new position and start playback. This is accomplished by having the program transmitting a number of MIDI messages to your instruments each time you move to a new position in the Project, making sure all MIDI devices are set up correctly with regard to Program Change, controller messages (such as MIDI Volume) etc.

Well, somehow that doesn't seem to work for VI's Velocity X-Fade. I made the On/Off button for Velocity X-Fade respond to Controller 12. It does turn on/off when playback moves over a Controller 12 event, but it doesn't automatically change to the correct status when I relocate the cursor to another part of the song to start playback from there. E.g.: if I move the cursor from a part of the song where Velocity X-Fade should be on to another location where it should be off, it doesn't automatically switch it off and playback sounds awfull.

I guess this is really a Cubase problem but maybe one of you guys knows how to fix this?



Posted on Wed, Mar 05 2008 19:47
by DG
Joined on Wed, May 12 2004, Posts 8608

For chase to work there has to be a current controller value. With a controller, the value has to be changing for it to register.


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Posted on Wed, Mar 05 2008 19:58
by vtimmerm
Joined on Thu, Mar 15 2007, Netherlands, Posts 33

Hi DG,

Yep your right. Sorry, I should have thought of that myself.

For chase to work, you need to give it something to chase. I forgot to insert Controller events at the beginning of the song to turn Velocity X-Fade off, because "off" is the default setting when you start your VI-instance. But Cubase has no way of knowing that and Chase depends on those events.

Forget I asked.



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