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Posted on Tue, Apr 01 2008 13:33
by Sandpiper
Joined on Wed, May 28 2003, Cumbria UK, Posts 74
In the past I often used the Piano Roll view to see all regions at once so I could check start and ends of notes so that, for instance a final chord could have all notes finishing approximately together - If they finish exactly together it sounds too clinical and if one notes lasts a bit to long it is easy to see it with all regions selected.

In Logic 7 this view was accessed by double clicking on the background of the Matrix and there is a menu to control it: Matrix>View>Show selected regions only (can be toggled on and off)

This menu is missing from Logic 8.01 (On Mac Pro 8 core 10.5.2)
and double clicking doesn't work.

Comments welcome!

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Posted on Wed, Apr 02 2008 18:34
by hetoreyn
Joined on Sat, Nov 27 2004, Vancouver, British Columbia, Posts 1159
This feature is still there. All you have to do is highlight the tracks that you want to view together .. and then one double click should open them together .. If you double click a particular note then the other notes will be hidden .. and then double click on piano roll background to bring them all back again.


I think this was done because the original method really slowed down the system. It did in my case anyways. BUt you can still group edit tracks .. you just have to select the ones you want to edit .. I prefer this method as it really lets you be more selective on what is shown. Rather than all the notes being shown.

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Posted on Wed, Apr 02 2008 19:26
by Sandpiper
Joined on Wed, May 28 2003, Cumbria UK, Posts 74

 Thanks for that. So, simply,  the manual has not been updated with regards to that feature (page 399) - I wonder how up to date the manual is overall.

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