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2 instances of Ensemble
Last post Thu, May 29 2008 by marnix, 3 replies.
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Posted on Tue, May 27 2008 21:14
by edhendersonmusic
Joined on Sat, Aug 25 2007, Vancouver BC, Canada, Posts 21
Hello - hope that someone can help me here.

When opening certain projects in Logic 8, VE will open a different ensemble than the one I last saved in Logic. Sometimes when opening up a Logic 8 file VE will open two instances that can be viewed individually - this does not work well of course so I close the one I don't want and re-save the Logic file.

Today this situation has gotten out of control: the VE instance that I see on the screen is not the one that I hear - sounds will happen on each channel but there is no visual showing midi in, changes to controller values etc.... The one that I hear has simply disappeared from the screen and is therefore no longer editable.

So strange - any ideas?


Posted on Wed, May 28 2008 15:30
by edhendersonmusic
Joined on Sat, Aug 25 2007, Vancouver BC, Canada, Posts 21

Further to the post I made yesterday.   This morning I managed to fix the double VE instances issue: closed one by clicking the upper left corner button then saved the Logic track I was working on, rebooted the program and everything works.    Now, a further issue that I hope the brilliant Vienna programmers will look at:   After getting it all to work this morning I worked for a couple of hours then needed to reference some tracks in Wave Burner (where I had placed some of the audio recordings that I am integrating into the Logic/VE tracks for listening purposes)  - when I returned to Logic/VE the same thing happened as did yesterday: there are now two instances of VE up and running (one being the ensemble I created and the other being a previous ensemble).   At this point midi, that I see transmitting in Logic, does not transmit to VE therefore, the work I did one hour before is silent... it still exists and I did export audio from the session but..... this is quite frustrating.

Any thoughts from the great midi/audio/computer wizards out there?   Your help is appreciated, all the best, Ed 

Posted on Thu, May 29 2008 01:12
by marnix
Joined on Tue, Mar 16 2004, Vienna, Posts 1002

 Hi Ed,


Very strange indeed...

I will ask our developers to have a look into this as soon as possible!

Could you perhaps send me a Logic project, which would illustrate this behaviour, to ?


Best, Marnix 

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