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Help me to place the clarinet
Last post Fri, Oct 10 2008 by astavi, 4 replies.
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Posted on Tue, Sep 23 2008 07:05
by christof
Joined on Tue, Jun 19 2007, Vienna/Austria, Posts 195

 Hi there,

first of all I have to say that I am a bit handicapped at the moment because my tympanic ear membrane exploded during a flight some days ago and now I just can use my right ear.

The doctor told me that I will get back my full hearing, just have to wait a while.

Anyway, as I am a freak I can't stop writing music and here's the problem:

In this little sketch I have a clarinet solo at the beginning and at the end, I can't manage to add room depth to the clarinet without loosing volume, I want it to be placed where it belongs in a real orchestra, behind the string section.

I am using Logics Space Designer.

Anyone of you lucky two ears users who can give me a helping hand?(lend me your earWink)

Here's the file: sketch2.mp3

Have a good and inspiring week!


Posted on Tue, Sep 23 2008 17:51
by Ben Johnson
Joined on Tue, Dec 23 2003, Chicago, Illinois, Posts 126

 Sounds wonderful!

Now poke out the other eardrum, and you'll be composing like Beethoven in no time. Super Angry

Posted on Thu, Sep 25 2008 14:53
by Banquo
Joined on Sat, Apr 09 2005, Dublin, Ireland, Posts 395

It sounds beautiful to me! A very very charming little piece, imho.

but you're right, the clarinet sounds way too close to be part of the orchestra, sounds like a clarinet concerto. [speaking of which i'm not sure i've ever even heard of a clarinet concerto, this could be the first]

I did an orchestral version of the Waldstein a short while ago as a lesson in orchestration, and i learned that it is very difficult to get the clarinet heard over the orchestra. In the end I had to do what you've done, which is have it closer to the front of the mix.

[best guess]

In your case i'd say a *little* more reverb, say 5% - though it wouldn't put the clarinet where it belongs - would improve the situation by keeping the clarinet prominent but not *so* prominent.

[/best guess]



(not a drunk)

Posted on Fri, Oct 10 2008 04:18
by astavi
Joined on Thu, Jun 05 2008, Posts 9
Great track, but I agree with what they're saying about the clarinet sounding a bit too much like it's on its own.

What about using an EQ instance for gain after space designer in the effects chain to compensate for the volume? I know it's a cheap trick, but won't it get the job done? :D
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