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The Race, and... "Rescued Snippets"
Last post Thu, Oct 30 2008 by felliniflex, 9 replies.
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Posted on Thu, Oct 30 2008 06:13
by mverta
Joined on Thu, Dec 18 2003, Posts 171

Obviously, I am a glutton for punishment.

DISCLAIMERS:  I wrote this piece about a year ago, and abandoned it.  It was just another thing for practice.  I gave up on it for a ton of reasons, not the least of which is that ending is just way too Star Wars. It was also an earlier version of my virtual orchestra.  Sloppy playing, too.  But, whatever.  It's been sitting on a hard drive rotting for a year - a hard drive which crashed, but I was able to recover a good chunk of.  After the recovery, I decided to see what was left, and realized I'd forgotten about this piece.  So, back from the dead - for a while at least - "The Race."

The Race


EDIT: Since posting this, I found three other little excerpts.  Two of these times, I truly WAS doing JW music.  They're both for fanfilms: one was for a Superman fanfilm that never finished.  The film started with a montage of scenes bringing the viewer up to speed, and then I did a slightly different beginning for the Main Title theme, just to say, "this is Superman, but... a little different."  Anyway, it fades out as soon as the title starts, but it is what it is.

Superman Fanfilm Excerpt

The second was for a Star Wars fanfilm, and this one told the story (partially) of a young Princess Leia.  So I was writing a new theme for her, which, as it progressed melodically, would "grow" into her adult theme from the first movie.

Young Leia 

The third piece is a comedic Tango I wrote for a television series.  In this tongue-in-cheek scene, the heroine dances ominously with the Bad Guy.

Tango Malefico

Sorry for the nostalgia-fest, but nearly losing stuff in a crash makes them suddenly interesting again.  For awhile at least.  Plus, it's nice to hear my virtual orchestra has come a long way since these dry, ass-y attempts from yesteryear.  I hope you are inspired by these snippets, either because you like them, or because you think they suck and can do better.  Either way, music sitting on a dead hard drive doesn't do much good, does it?  So...



Posted on Thu, Oct 30 2008 06:56
by christof
Joined on Tue, Jun 19 2007, Vienna/Austria, Posts 195

 I don't think you are a glutton of punishment.

 As you posted this piece here on the forum I guess you ask for feedback and comments.

This piece is brilliant, but i am sure that 9 of 10 people will say that this is a Williams piece:-(

Obviously you are very talented, I would love to hear an original Verta instead of a variation of existing pieces.

Great work anyway, congratulations!


Posted on Thu, Oct 30 2008 07:00
by mverta
Joined on Thu, Dec 18 2003, Posts 171

Thanks for the kind (?) words :)


Posted on Thu, Oct 30 2008 09:56
by A.S.
Joined on Fri, Mar 30 2007, Posts 177
Comparing a new musical work with famous composers of the past or present is really useless as criticism.
Posted on Thu, Oct 30 2008 14:40
by Mahlon
Joined on Sun, Jan 08 2006, The decadent South, Posts 441

Very nice music and takes on the various themes. In '"The Race" the brass stands out particularly well written and executed to my mind.


Posted on Thu, Oct 30 2008 14:57
by synthetic
Joined on Mon, Mar 14 2005, Posts 281

The Race is amazing. Great brass writing and theme development. You probably wrote that in a day, huh? Sigh.

On the other snippets, yeah, your sampled mixes are certainly improving. It's fun to listen to older pieces like that. Though mine often sound better than I expect them to. I was amazed to listen back to a demo I did for an 8MB Alesis orchestral sound card, it sorta holds up. Anyway, nice arrangements. Young Leia is especially fun.

Posted on Thu, Oct 30 2008 15:24
by hbuus
Joined on Thu, Oct 26 2006, Posts 74

The Race is indeed amazing. The way you use reverb is simply...so...impressive.

Percussion and brass sound very, very convincing to me - even at 5.06 - 5.12, where a lot of stuff is going on.

Mike, I wouldn't mind having your ability to make computer music.

I'd even take your skills from last year with NO complaints at all!! SmileSmileSmile

Thanks for posting.

Best regards,


Posted on Thu, Oct 30 2008 16:26
by PaulR
Joined on Mon, Dec 22 2003, England, Posts 2371

Some great stuff. It's about time you put yourself out there and started making some real money now Mike! :)))
Posted on Thu, Oct 30 2008 21:40
by felliniflex
Joined on Mon, Apr 14 2008, Santiago, Chile, Posts 49
The Race is awesome! Congrats again Mike. You should start doing some online orchestration lessons.
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