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Expression VSTi
Last post Thu, Feb 05 2009 by steff3, 3 replies.
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Posted on Tue, Feb 03 2009 10:04
by Emperor
Joined on Tue, Jul 10 2007, Posts 64

 I had a look at Expression VSTi which comes with Cubase 5, it provides easy tools to switch articulations for sample libraries(See the movie). I am wondering if there is similar products we can use with Logic and VSL?

Posted on Thu, Feb 05 2009 10:38
by Emperor
Joined on Tue, Jul 10 2007, Posts 64

 Nobody is interested?

Posted on Thu, Feb 05 2009 14:10
by steff3
Joined on Thu, Nov 13 2003, Posts 268

Well, not interested is maybe not the right expression - I did not use this in Cubase 5 - had a look at the manuals and to me this seems to be mainly cosmetics .... you have a controller lane to manage keyswitches ... I mean, nice but well, a nice step in the right direction without getting there.

For the exs-libaries there were some Logic environments that did articulation switching ... I do not know how this can be compared.

Principally I would like to see a real standard for that where this is implement via a kind of meta-information-system (in Kontakt scripting you can add 4 additional params to each note message - maybe something like that ...) - so that you can right-click/control-click any MIDI note in any editor and assign it to an articulation. So that you can use the 'colour note events by articulation' and that the articulation is either written into the note event (piano roll editor style) or there is a lay-over that tells the info when you move the mouse over the event or press a modifier key.
Also I think the VIs must be intelligent enough to receive the meta-data. I mean what is that worth if you have first have to set up key-switches in the VI, then go to an expression editor where you assign articulations to the keyswitches and then use the articulations. It is more readable than using keyswitches directly but demands more efforts to use it. Normally the VI should know that a stacc is a stacc - so it would be able to have the meta-information in the patches with the samples and if a standard were there it should be able to automatically react to the command to play a stacc without me needing to assign a keyswitch to it.
As the current implementation looks like there is no real advantage over readability (at least for people that are not used to read code-like stuff - which can be compared to reading key-switches)
Logic already has meta-events and stuff like that ... I do not think that you can define your own meta-data or something - but I hope that they will connect to this if they were to implement something equivalent.

at least this is my view of this ....
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