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DP6 and Vienna Ensemble 3 Problem
Last post Sat, Feb 07 2009 by Mark Schmieder, 5 replies.
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Posted on Fri, Feb 06 2009 18:38
by Simsy
Joined on Mon, May 21 2007, Posts 385


I have DP6 running on my Mac Pro and I have 60 Vienna instruments running on 6 Vienna Ensemble 3 instances on a PC slave.

Every time I open the DP project at least 20 of the aux tracks are not assigned to their respected audio channels from Vienna and I have to reassign them, then evrything is ok, until I reopen the project. The funny thing is, it changes which tracks this happens to!!

Any help would be great, as it would save me a lot of time!!

Also, DP6.02 has just been released and I have been on the MOTU forums and DP will not start (will not pass gathering stage) on any project with Vienna Ensemble? It works fine with Vienna Instruments but not Ensemble.

I am not sure if it is a DP or Vienna issue, but I just thought I would let you guys know.


Posted on Sat, Feb 07 2009 03:04
by Bruce
Joined on Tue, Aug 20 2002, Ontario,Canada, Posts 196

Hi .. I just installed Dp 6.02 today and so far no problems at all with VI or VE2. I did notice that it took a long time for DP to analyze VE2 on first startup.. just let it run for 10 minutes. maybe try re installing VE2 & VE3 and repair permissions then reboot as well.

Posted on Sat, Feb 07 2009 08:24
by Simsy
Joined on Mon, May 21 2007, Posts 385

Ok thanks!

I just seen that there were a few people having problems with Vienna and I am in the middle of something and didn't want to install DP6.02 if it was going to stop working with Vienna Ensemble.

Do you get the other problem I mentioned? When I open a project a lot of the aux tracks with Vienna Ensemble on them are no longer assigned and I have to re-assign them, which takes a long time and is a bit of a hassle?

Don't know if Vienna can fix that?

Posted on Sat, Feb 07 2009 19:38
by Bruce
Joined on Tue, Aug 20 2002, Ontario,Canada, Posts 196

Simsy. ..I used to have a similar problem to the one you mention where VE2 would lose its settings but the newest version fixed all that in my studio. I'm not using VE3 yet so can't comment on that.. I assume they are the same thing in terms of functions. I am very pleased with DP 6.02.. it should have been DP 6.0 in the first place. Running smoothly here. Let us know how it works for you when installed.

Posted on Sat, Feb 07 2009 22:00
by Mark Schmieder
Joined on Mon, May 07 2007, Concord CA, Posts 207

I installed DP 6.02 last night.

The first launch crashed. I should note that I didn't bother trashing preferences first.

The second launch succeeded, as did subsequent launches.

Initial Audio Unit validation hung up on Vienna Ensemble 2 for almost twenty minutes.

I was patient, and it finally completed, at which point I dismissed the VE GUI.

I've always had to dismiss the VE GUI on initial launch of any update to DP, but this time it took longer than usual.

Perhaps this is just because I have registered more libraries since DP 6.01 was installed.

At any rate, I think this may be all that was going on, for the poster who thought it wouldn't launch (not the O.P.).

I realise most posters here have VE3 and not VE2, but I'm not sure there would be a significant difference in behaviour within DP at initial launch and validation stage.

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