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Script for Pro Edition Release Samples in Kontkat?
Last post Fri, Jul 31 2009 by Marzipan, 6 replies.
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Posted on Thu, Jul 23 2009 22:38
by Marzipan
Joined on Thu, Jun 02 2005, UK, Posts 14

I'm using Kontakt 3, and have been converting some of my Gigastudio Pro Edition and Performance Set samples to Kontakt format. Just because Gigastudio is dead, I can't afford the new VI's and I like the old samples anyway (they're fine for my purposes).

Most stuff seems to work fine, with a little bit of tweaking and a variety of scripts which are readily available. However I can't seem to fine a way to make the release patches work properly like they did in Gigastudio. Has anybody done this? Is there a script out there that could help me? Or would it be possible to make a script it I become more familiar with the script editor? (I've only just started using Kontakt).

Any advice would be appreciated!

Posted on Mon, Jul 27 2009 22:41
by Marzipan
Joined on Thu, Jun 02 2005, UK, Posts 14

Can anybody help me with this? I'm trying to get the release triggers to work in the same way as in Gigastudio, but can't seem to do it. I downloaded J's Ensemble Maker, and various other scripts but nothing I've tried works so far. The best I could get so far was hitting a note allows the whole sample to play (obviously with the release at the end). Rather than in Gigastudio where you hit the release trigger before the end of the note, and I guess it cross-fades the part of the sample where you are with the end of the release. 

Can anybody confirm whether this is possible in Kontakt, and perhaps point to a script I can use? Sorry if this has been covered before but I can't find the information anywhere.

Posted on Tue, Jul 28 2009 14:33
by Anonymous Joe
Joined on Fri, Oct 13 2006, Posts 229

I've never heard about this in Kontakt.

Perhaps a work around would be to add a CC modulator to the RS group and ride in and out the volume of that group?

BTW, how do you use the perf instruments with kontakt? Do you use the performance tool?

Posted on Tue, Jul 28 2009 20:33
by Marzipan
Joined on Thu, Jun 02 2005, UK, Posts 14

Thanks for the response, I think the way that the release samples work in Gigastudio is quite complicated, because it seems to automatically crossfade with the end of the release sample (when you hit the release trigger before the end of th note). 

I'm not familiar with what you're talking about in terms of the CC modulator riding the volume of the group, sorry I've only just started using Kontakt... It sounds like that could work though, it would just be a bit fiddly coz you'd basically be doing manual crossfades where Gigastudio did it automatically, so it's a lot more work, and you'd have to time it so the release note always ended at the right point. For example with the Harp Bisbigliando in VSL Pro it takes a long time before you hear the release, so working out the timing then bringing the volume up and making sure it crossfaded smoothly with the start of the not would be a lot of extra work. 

I'm not using the performance tool, but there are a few scripts available which seem to work fine with the VSL legatos once you import them into Kontakt. It's mainly the release patches which I'm having trouble with. 

I don't think I can use the performance tool, firstly because I'm on a Mac and secondly because I doubt Kontakt would interpret the output of the performance tool in the same way that Gigastudio did, so it would not work? Thanks!

Posted on Wed, Jul 29 2009 08:13
by Anonymous Joe
Joined on Fri, Oct 13 2006, Posts 229

Ok, maybe you don't know this but release samples is handle automaticaly in Kontakt. So it's very easy and you shouldn't have to worry about it. Did you know that?

Now if you want the RS to play sometimes and sometimes not to play, the best way i know to do thid is to control the volume of that group and you can do that by either draging a CC on the volume in the emplifier module. Or by creating a modulation to do basically the same thing.

No matter what you do, make sure you have the RS group selectedonly(unselect edit all groups). Cause if you don't you will be riding the volume of the whole instrument.

To create an instrument with release sample in Kontakt you have to first > go in edit mode(click on the wrench) > group editor > select the group you want to make a RS(make sure that edit all group is turned off) > then go in the source module > then click on release trigger. Now that group will automaticaly play when you let go of the notes.

To add a modulator to a group > first go in the group editor > select the group you want to control > go in the emplifier module > click mod > add a modulator > external source > Midi CC > then you can select volume or pan but volume will be selected automatically so don't worry about it for now.  ..You will aslo have to select wich CC from1 to 127 to control the volume of that group.

You will find the CC in the brower on you right under the auto tab.

I hope that helps.

Posted on Fri, Jul 31 2009 14:18
by Marzipan
Joined on Thu, Jun 02 2005, UK, Posts 14

Hi there,

Thanks for the tip, actually I'm not very familiar with Kontakt, only just started using it and kind still fumbling my way around it at the moment! So I wasn't aware of the details you sent, thanks for letting me know about this. What I think I'm going to try and do is look at some release patches in the sound library that comes with Kontakt, and try and become familiar with the details of how this works by looking at those patches.

Then hopefully I'll be able to implement the correct release settings for my VSL instruments, once they're converted. I assume there is not just a standard script which I can download which will enable the VSL release patches to work correctly after I convert them from Giga format? From what you say it sounds like it's more a matter of tweaking the release settings in Kontakt rather than using a script. As far as I understand it so far anyway. Thanks for your help!

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