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Vienna Imperial - Let us draw the velocity curves?
Last post Mon, Aug 17 2009 by fanagiga, 3 replies.
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Posted on Sat, Aug 08 2009 19:41
by fanagiga
Joined on Sat, Mar 13 2004, Posts 24

Hey Folks -

I just got Vienna Imperial and I'm absolutely blown away.  However, I'm having some trouble getting the touch right.  I want to at once ask for advice, and suggest to VSL that they allow us, in the advanced view, to draw the velocity response curve.  I don't have a great feel for what the 'dynamic range' and 'midi sensitivity' settings mean in terms of what the velocity response curve looks like, and also how to compare that to what it 'should' be if I were at a real piano

In the meantime, any advice on how to tune this?  Right now, I keep accidentally creating 'step functions' in the velocity response - almost like there is a sigmoidal curve - I have to play pretty hard to move up the loudness/louder samples curve, and then suddenly, bright, loud samples.  Probably because I'm superposing two V-R curves that I can't see.  I'm playing with it, but if anyone has some suggestions for how to go about it systematically, that would be great.

Ideally, it would work like this:  You have a Velocity-Response curve 'graph' and then you play your keyboard, and a vertical line indicates the velocity that the Imperial is receiving (and holds it until the next note is played).  Then you can see the correlation between your playing style, and the velocity transmitted.  And you can tune your keyboard appropriately, if the keyboard's transmission curve is the problem.  Then, on the VI side, you can shape the curve so that you get the desired relationship between your playing and the output.

Maybe Vienna Ensemble has this already, so I should just open an instance in VE?  But I prefer the stand-alone engine, because its thinner, and I'm running a dedicated system for live practice - I want to reserve all the power for the piano engine!

Any ideas?  Thanks in advance!



Eric Keisman
Posted on Sun, Aug 09 2009 18:53
by Conquer
Joined on Thu, Sep 28 2006, Posts 812

Hi Eric. I don't believe you can open Vienna Imperial inside Vienna Ensemble because VE works exclusively as a host for Vienna Instruments. Even if you could, VE offers no user-definable velocity curves. However, the good news is that you already have everything you need inside Vienna Imperial.

If you leave the MIDI sensitivity setting at zero and turn the Dynamic Range up to 100, the samples will react to your playing almost exactly as they did to the MIDI notes used to sample the piano - so if you play a velocity of 60, you'll hear a sample that was played at 60 or thereabouts. As up to 100 velocities were sampled per note, you shouldn't hear any dynamic stepping.

You could also try adjusting the velocity curve of your MIDI controller in a downward direction. If that isn't possible or doesn't help, try turning the Vienna Imperial's MIDI sensitivity up above zero, which will compress the loud dynamics - in other words, you have to play harder to hear the loud samples! HTH.

Posted on Mon, Aug 17 2009 23:34
by fanagiga
Joined on Sat, Mar 13 2004, Posts 24

 Thanks, I'll give it a try - I also found a neet little ap (haven't tried it yet) that purports to allow you to draw a transform curve for MIDI velocities, that you can then juxtapose inbetween your controller and your software.  May be just what I need...  Thanks again!

Eric Keisman
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