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VE Pro- MIDI access questions
Last post Tue, Sep 29 2009 by plowman, 7 replies.
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Posted on Mon, Sep 28 2009 00:19
by JWL
Joined on Sun, Jul 20 2003, Posts 1274

We're using VE Pro on a MacPro. For the most part, all is well.

In the server preferences, which I booted before booting Digital Performer 6.02 in OSX 10.5.8, I was able to set its preferences to 16 MIDI channels per instance. These 16 MIDI channels appear as "available" inside Digital Performer.

However, the plugin only allows for "Plugin MIDI In 1-8". I'm still exploring the possibilities in case I've missed something, but I'd like to request that "Plugin MIDI In 1-16" be added in an update, if possible. So many third-party VIs still offer the standard 16 MIDI channels. Again-- if I've missed something, please let me know, but so far I cannot access MIDI channels 9-16

In the meantime, I'm only starting to explore VE Pro in standalone mode to access the 1024 MIDI channels. Any help or advice would be appreciated.



Posted on Mon, Sep 28 2009 00:55
by JWL
Joined on Sun, Jul 20 2003, Posts 1274

I forgot to mention:

In OMNI mode, I can only access the first 2 MIDI channels....

Posted on Mon, Sep 28 2009 01:09
by plowman
Joined on Sat, Dec 13 2003, Posts 1141

HI JWL. If you poke around the MIR / Vienna Suite forum, you'll find a lot of current threads trying to come to terms with VE input limitations and labeling. My present understanding (which changes at times by the hour) is that those MIDI in's you mention are not virtual MIDI ports. If that's true, we'd be limited to one actual port and sixteen channel inputs per locally hosted VE PRO's. Yeah, I know. Say it ain't so. Maybe it ain't. But VSL needs to explain this. 

It may be true that you can only connect eight VE 64-bit Pro's (and eight more with the other 32-bit server). 

Here's one thread: 


This is about Logic, but I'm reading that some of these issues are common to DAW's. 

Posted on Mon, Sep 28 2009 02:01
by JWL
Joined on Sun, Jul 20 2003, Posts 1274


You have always been of "royal" blood around here in my book. Thank you kindly, Sir. You've just confirmed that I'm not crazy--- and yes-- the Logic-related discussion helps a great deal.

Granted-- only one MIDI port per instance in Logic is a tad different than DP. By default, I can access 16 MIDI channels in Digital Performer. But I'm currently exploring DP's "interapplication MIDI" feature. With this, I can set up any number of midi channels so that they are published and available from DP's MIDI track assignment options. What I don't know yet is if ReWire will go the distance with making the connection with VE Pro using all of those MIDI channels.

I have Logic 9 as well, but you know it gets to a point where the "apparent" limits of utility software are starting to dictate what DAW I use for which purpose. Logic will/won't let you do one thing whereas some other DAW will/won't let you do other things that VE Pro has to offer.

Well, I ramble. Sorry for that.

But thanks for the link. I appreciate it immensely!

Posted on Mon, Sep 28 2009 02:46
by plowman
Joined on Sat, Dec 13 2003, Posts 1141

Thanks JWL! You made my night. My only solace in these tedious trouble-shooting interludes is that I can minimize the misery of others.  

"Interapplication MIDI." Oh man, that's ahead of the curve. You just know when you hear the term that it's what you've been wanting, and it's exactly what Apple isn't going to do. 

You're bi-lingual DAW. Very cool. I've never looked into DP, because I don't want to know how great the girl I never married might have been. I am betrothed to Logic / Vienna, and her unwelcome in-laws, the condescending father, Apple, and his needy wife Syncrosoft. Her yacht always needs a different port, and she goes through drivers like Miss Daisy. They intrude on my happy marriage about five times a year, always unannounced. I must look at Logic and remind myself that she's worth it. 

Posted on Mon, Sep 28 2009 03:21
by JWL
Joined on Sun, Jul 20 2003, Posts 1274

Dude-- you just made a friend for life. I'm a sucker for great metaphor. You managed to encapsulate the lovable and functionally dysfunctional family most ideally!! (Why do I think of Al and Peg Bundy?) I'd be curious to know how you'd incorporate their offspring into the equation!!! Big Smile

Indeed-- IAC is one of those Opcode things (I believe) which MOTU retained. I've set up 64 MIDI channels in it, but have tuckered myself out for the day to pursue making the connections with VE Pro. There is potential here, though. I've done something similar with EWQLS Choirs where some aspect of it requires a standalone-type instantiation outside the DAW host.

I got Logic 4.x back in the first days of VSL where ESX24 was my only real Mac option. I should mentioned that I was on a G4 at the time, which did me no good. Life is better now (with a MacPro, Snow Leper, and L9), although my network has remained small as OSX restrictions have limited VE Pro to 10.5.8 and higher. I'm trying to get everything into 10.6, but all efforts so far simply make me want to go to bed early.

Anyway, I'll be exploring the possibilities (or impossibilities) in Logic 9.x pretty soon. First things first--- Digital Performer and IAC. If I can get 128 MIDI channels published and properly connected, I'll be golden!!

Cheers M8!!


Posted on Tue, Sep 29 2009 00:26
by plowman
Joined on Sat, Dec 13 2003, Posts 1141

We are Metaphor Men! We expound our answers as illustratively as a ... a ... I got nothing.

I can't work the Bundys in here. But I can paraphrase my favorite line. 

AL [ celebrating at his high school reunion ] : Peg, I'm drinking, I'm dancing, I'm laughing with all my friends. Why did I ever leave high school? 

PEGGY: Because you were thirty, Al. 

"I'm trying to get everything into 10.6, but all efforts so far simply make me want to go to bed early."

What is it in our DNA that compels us to puzzle out these issues? I sometimes fear it is active procrastination. And yet, for every season of trouble-shooting that I faced, I must admit there was a windfall of convenience. We can't turn our backs on the promise of a pre-loaded 32 GB. I can no longer interrupt my work ferret out the right sample like a ... a... I still got nothing. 


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