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Vienna Ensemble Pro/Play
Last post Wed, Nov 18 2015 by umarekawaru, 11 replies.
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Posted on Tue, Oct 13 2009 05:03
by cklatman_7564
Joined on Fri, Jul 30 2004, Posts 7

I am unable to load Sound Online's Play AU into VE Pro on my Mac.  I have the latest versions of all software.  Other AUs do load properly.  The Play AU works in other hosts apart from VE Pro.

Posted on Tue, Oct 13 2009 08:22
by DG
Joined on Wed, May 12 2004, Posts 8608

 Correct. PLAY does not work on OSX in VE Pro. Hopefully a solution is in the works.


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Posted on Wed, Oct 14 2009 20:27
by cklatman_7564
Joined on Fri, Jul 30 2004, Posts 7

Also...  When an instance of both VE Pro and Play are in a DP project together play crashes.  I will test this again later to make sure.  Even when I don't try to load play in VE Pro crash happens from Play under this circumstance.  That means VE Pro can't be anywhere near Play for the time being.  I hope you can fix this soon as both programs are very useful.

Posted on Sat, Nov 14 2009 02:04
by malapower
Joined on Wed, Jan 23 2008, Posts 3

 I am experiencing the same problem....with cubase 5 if I load Play AND Vienna Ensemble my Mac Pro crashes.

Any idea if the problem will be solved ?

At the moment for me Vienna Ensemble goes back in a drawer until they fix this big issue.

Thank you

Posted on Sat, Nov 14 2009 02:42
by noxtenebrae17
Joined on Sun, Jul 19 2009, Posts 30

I've had the same problem.  If I have DP7 running VE Pro and then add an instance of PLAY (in DP NOT VE Pro), DP7 crashes.  It is quite weird.  Maybe the Vienna guys could chime in and let us know why this happens because it didn't happen before VE Pro was there.

I have figured out a temporary work-around.  I'm using DP's interapplication midi to send midi to PLAY's Standalone.  I then reroute the audio back to DP through Soundflower.  Works great.  Just adds another step to my set-up everytime I open a project.

Vienna guys, you have any idea why adding an instance of PLAY in DP is crashing DP when an instance VE Pro is open?



Mac Pro 2.26ghz 8-core 32GB RAM
OSX 10.11.6
Digital Performer 8
VE Pro 6
Posted on Sat, Nov 14 2009 10:43
by malapower
Joined on Wed, Jan 23 2008, Posts 3

Thank you Elektroakustica!

I was thinking to use your same system, great to know that it works to you!

I would like to know if the Vienna Team is working for a solution of this problem ?

I knew play wasn't supported in Vienna Ensemble Pro, but I didn't know

it is not possible to use the 2 softwares simultaneously in the same DAW.

I think this should have been clearly specified before the purchase.

Thank you very much,


Posted on Sat, Nov 14 2009 11:44
by clueblast
Joined on Wed, Mar 18 2009, Posts 43
i´ve heard from logicusers having the exact same problem. (using 10.5.8)
if ve-pro is active and they open an instance of play in logic it crashes immediately.
this doesn´t happen on my system though. (10.6.2)
may be this helps to isolate the problem which doesn´t seem to be host specific but rather an OS-version thing.

btw. i wonder why so many people in this forum report problems without any information about their working environment.

iMac Pro 10.13.X / MacBook Pro 2017 10.14 / Logic Pro 10.4.2 / 32GB / Apogee Ensemble Thunderbolt
Posted on Sat, Nov 14 2009 15:03
by CplusE
Joined on Thu, Jul 26 2007, Posts 66


iMac i7
Posted on Sun, Nov 15 2009 22:23
by malapower
Joined on Wed, Jan 23 2008, Posts 3

Thank you Clueblast,

I am using Mac Os 10.5.5 and Intel Mac - so I hope I can solve the problem simply by updating the system.

It would be great if some Cubase user could confirm me that they can load and instance of play and VE PRO

in the same Cubase project using the Snow Leopard ?

Thanks for now,


Posted on Mon, Dec 13 2010 06:34
by Volker Barber
Joined on Wed, Oct 07 2009, Venice, Posts 1
It doesnt perform on the PC either !
Posted on Wed, Nov 18 2015 14:02
by umarekawaru
Joined on Fri, Dec 28 2012, Posts 77

It would be good to update this. It is rated highly on google.

Logic 10.4.4 - Mac Pro 2010 12 Core 3.46 GHz - 48 GB RAM - Mac OS 10.12.6 - VSL: almost everything
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