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Long load times
Last post Thu, Nov 05 2009 by Nick Harvey, 3 replies.
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Posted on Thu, Nov 05 2009 09:57
by Nick Harvey
Joined on Tue, Apr 15 2003, Posts 118


This is a problem I've had with all versions of VE-Pro. I'm currently using the latest BETA.

When turning on the computers at the beginning of a working day and first loading up a project featuring VE-Pro on two slaves (all Snow Leopard Macs including the Master computer) I get incredibly long load times when it comes to the moment where the Vienna Ensemble Pro plug-in in Logic 9.02 is attempted to be loaded. I launched the current project 15 minutes ago and it's still stuck on the little VE-Pro loading window with the progress bar about a third of the way across.

From experience I know that in about 10 minutes the project will eventually load up, but without the VE-Pro plug-ins being connected to the slaves. I have to click on the VE-Pro plug-ins and connect them manually. Only then will they kick start the slaves to load up their respective plug-ins.

After having saved the project and relaunching, the problem goes away. Until I turn the computers off and start again...

Is this a known bug?


PS. Any news on the still unfixed 'midi tracks not playing' bug? To use multipe tracks, I'm having to launch multiple VE-Pros at the moment.

Posted on Thu, Nov 05 2009 14:13
by Maya
Joined on Tue, Nov 25 2003, Vienna/Europe, Posts 841

Hi Nick,

the time, which is needed to scan the content depends on how much content you have installed and assigned in Directory Manager. I ´d recommend to assign only the content which is in fact needed. Moreover the licenses for each instrument and for the two levels (standard and extended level) need to be checked on your Vienna Key. For the 1st time VE Pro is launched this can take a few minutes. When all licenses and the content are scanned (and stored to a daemon, which is only visible in the application activity monitor) VE Pro will load faster on a new start up.

Regarding "MIDI tracks" not playing, this is being investigated. Please don´t use IAC MIDI within the VE Pro plug-in, this feature doesn´t work properly yet.


/Maya - Vienna Symphonic Library
Posted on Thu, Nov 05 2009 14:54
by Nick Harvey
Joined on Tue, Apr 15 2003, Posts 118

That's fixed it! Big Smile

Thanks Maya for your prompt reply. Very much appreciated.

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