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Vienna Ensemble Pro Server interface issues
Last post Tue, Jan 05 2010 by Rehtori82, 1 replies.
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Posted on Tue, Jan 05 2010 10:25
by Rehtori82
Joined on Thu, Sep 24 2009, Posts 7

I've installed Vienna Ensemble pro (latest stable release and latest beta).
when instantiate vep plugin inside Cubase / Logic Pro 9 the server interface seems to freeze, however it kinda works.

When I try to click on buttons in the interface nothing happens, nothing gets pushed everything in the interface is still.
When moving around the interface windows from screen to screen I got updated view occasionally. When it's on the screen where it initially opened it says in "not connected" and stays that way. I move it to the third or fourth screen (yes i have dual graphics card setup on my mac) the view gets updatedand shows all the slave servers. I can then click on the server address field (though the interface still stays static) and server opens up in the slave computer. When I click "latency" and change it (blindly, because of the freezed GUI) it then shows different buffer sizes in every screens, so it's unclear in which latency it is set actually. The same goes to ip address field. Overally GUI is atm unusable.

Also I've noticed rather big latency, which is too big for staccato intruments or fast playing. Buffer is default "2" I've 1Gbit connection via Linksys switch.

- Another question: Can Altiverb being hosted in slave computer's VEP and then used as group channel plugin in main computer (Cubase5) for all intruments ? In this way Cubase (including host and slave plugins) could use one master reverb setting for all instruments and channels.

Host: Mac Pro 2.8 Early 2008 Dual quad, 18GB RAM, OSX 10.6.2, Cubase 5, Logic Pro9, EW-PLAY, Kontakt4, Spectrasonics, RME-Fireface800, UAD-2, SSL-Duende, Nvidia 8800GT + ATI2600HD on four 22" TFT, Linksys 1GBIT switch, Cat 6 cables, DUAL 1GBIT Mac pro ports used

Slave: Intel Quad 6600, Asus P5K motherboard,built in 1GBIT ethernet + Realtek 1GBIT PCI ethernet nic (for DUAL LAN connection), Windows 7 X64, 6 GB RAM, Kontakt4, Spectrasonics, Altiverb
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