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SONAR 8 and VEPro
Last post Thu, Feb 11 2010 by Karel, 3 replies.
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Posted on Mon, Feb 08 2010 00:01
by JPGarbarini
Joined on Fri, Jan 27 2006, Posts 24

Hello All,

I'm trying out the demo of VEPro and am stuck on getting it setup with Sonar 8.

So I've loaded VI instances just fine in VEPro and can play them back into Sonar just fine. Things get different when I try other VSTs though. For example, if I load an instance of Kontakt and load up some sound patches I can't figure out how to get Sonar to send to a VEPro port and then again to a channel.

Example, say I've got K3 on port 1 of VEPro and I have 3 patches loaded (channels 1-3). In Sonar, I can only pick the VEPro ouput and give a single channel. How do I tell sonar (or VEPro) to output a midi track to VEPro Port # Channel #?

edit edit: Same thing in Cubase 5 btw. Can't figure out how to send to midi data to anything but VEPro Port 1.


 edit: Not sure if this was as clear as it could have been :)

On the sonar track properties I seleclt output "Vienna Ens. Pro 1" and then I can select the channel to send off to. But how do I get the other VEPro midi ports. For example in VEPro I load a 2nd instance of Kontakt and it is "2 Plugin MIDI In 2". How do I get Sonar to output to that?

Posted on Wed, Feb 10 2010 06:21
by scott_22833
Joined on Sun, Aug 13 2006, Posts 2

Hey I'm using Sonar as well and unfortunately it will not support more than one port per instance, so you're limited to 16 channels per VE Pro project.  The only option to go past 16 as far as I know is to insert another VE Pro in the synth rack and treat it as a separate instrument.  Which *can* actually be handy for organizing how stuff gets loaded, keeping bigger 'extras' libraries from always needing to be part of your start-up template for example.

Hope that helps!

Posted on Thu, Feb 11 2010 02:05
by Karel
Joined on Mon, Jan 19 2009, Belgium, Posts 2173
Sonar unfortunately only supports the VST2 plugin standard, which has no support for more than a single MIDI port per plugin instance. In Cubase 5 it is possible to use the VST3 version of the connector plugin (it's marked with a little 'III' icon), which does support multiple MIDI ports per plugin.
Karel Bassez
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