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4881 - irregular behaviour - rolled back to 4686
Last post Wed, Feb 17 2010 by Karel, 8 replies.
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Posted on Thu, Feb 11 2010 09:43
by benbartlett
Joined on Thu, Apr 26 2007, Posts 160

Hi All,

On my 3 Macs (two 8 core Intels and a PowerPC G5) I experienced very strange and unusable behaviour on updating to 4881. I have now rolled back to 4886.

All Macs are running 10.5.8. I installed the 4881 installer over an  existing 4686 installation on all 3 machines. Weapon of choice: Nuendo.


On first launch (on all 3 macs) VEPro Server froze, or appeared to freeze, until I hit quit, at which point it then merrily continued launching. WTF? I was running a mix of 64 and 32 bit servers across my machines. No 64bit at this stage on the G5.

On second launch (and after re-starts) all seemed more normal, launch wise at least.

After successfully running some previously created templates, I then found I could not quit the servers. On ANY of my 3 macs. I had to FORCE QUIT all of them.

When I say successfully running, I was not really testing yet. 

I had also hoped (via a note on this forum from the VSL team) that the 64bit server 4881 might play ball a little more than 4686 on my Quad G5. By play ball, I mean actually load a project correctly in 64 bit mode. What happens is, it loads the data, taking the expected time to do so, but then each instrument in the project is "empty". 4881 behaves the same as 4686 in this respect sadly. 

(I know - 64 bit not technically supported on G5, but VSL did suggest giving it another go with 4881).

I also tested one by one BTW, to check it wasn't a problem with the machines "in concert" as it were. Still - the Servers don't quit - they need forcing.

Anyway, all this strange non-quitting, and initial non-launching oddness is too scary. I am back to 4686.

Anyone else? Or do I have 3 macs with the same problem on each one?

(Side Note: now that I am back to 4686 (had to un-install everything first of course), I am going to test 64 bit behaviour on the G5 whilst "connected" to host, as opposed to loading a template. IE, get the sequencer to command the load up data saved in the Nuendo song. I'll post a result.)

Posted on Thu, Feb 11 2010 11:08
by Maya
Joined on Tue, Nov 25 2003, Vienna/Europe, Posts 841

Hi Ben,

did you already try to reassign your content folders in Directory Manager (obviously the content paths were lost that´s most likely why your VI´s appeared as "empty") and do you encounter the same problems with build 4686?

In case that the problems persist I´d suggest to contact our document.write( '<'+'a'+' '+'h'+'r'+'e'+'f'+'='+'"'+'&'+'#'+'1'+'0'+'9'+';'+'&'+'#'+'9'+'7'+';'+'&'+'#'+'1'+'0'+'5'+';'+'&'+'#'+'1'+'0'+'8'+';'+ '&'+'#'+'1'+'1'+'6'+';'+'&'+'#'+'1'+'1'+'1'+';'+'&'+'#'+'5'+'8'+';'+'&'+'#'+'3'+'7'+';'+'&'+'#'+'5'+'5'+';'+'&'+'#'+'5'+'1'+';'+ '&'+'#'+'3'+'7'+';'+'&'+'#'+'5'+'5'+';'+'&'+'#'+'5'+'3'+';'+'&'+'#'+'3'+'7'+';'+'&'+'#'+'5'+'5'+';'+'&'+'#'+'4'+'8'+';'+'&'+'#'+ '3'+'7'+';'+'&'+'#'+'5'+'5'+';'+'&'+'#'+'4'+'8'+';'+'&'+'#'+'3'+'7'+';'+'&'+'#'+'5'+'4'+';'+'&'+'#'+'7'+'0'+';'+'&'+'#'+'3'+'7'+ ';'+'&'+'#'+'5'+'5'+';'+'&'+'#'+'5'+'0'+';'+'&'+'#'+'3'+'7'+';'+'&'+'#'+'5'+'5'+';'+'&'+'#'+'5'+'2'+';'+'&'+'#'+'3'+'7'+';'+'&'+ '#'+'5'+'2'+';'+'&'+'#'+'4'+'8'+';'+'&'+'#'+'3'+'7'+';'+'&'+'#'+'5'+'5'+';'+'&'+'#'+'5'+'4'+';'+'&'+'#'+'3'+'7'+';'+'&'+'#'+'5'+ '5'+';'+'&'+'#'+'5'+'1'+';'+'&'+'#'+'3'+'7'+';'+'&'+'#'+'5'+'4'+';'+'&'+'#'+'6'+'7'+';'+'&'+'#'+'3'+'7'+';'+'&'+'#'+'5'+'0'+';'+ '&'+'#'+'6'+'9'+';'+'&'+'#'+'3'+'7'+';'+'&'+'#'+'5'+'4'+';'+'&'+'#'+'5'+'1'+';'+'&'+'#'+'3'+'7'+';'+'&'+'#'+'5'+'4'+';'+'&'+'#'+ '7'+'0'+';'+'&'+'#'+'3'+'7'+';'+'&'+'#'+'5'+'0'+';'+'&'+'#'+'6'+'9'+';'+'&'+'#'+'3'+'7'+';'+'&'+'#'+'5'+'4'+';'+'&'+'#'+'4'+'9'+ ';'+'&'+'#'+'3'+'7'+';'+'&'+'#'+'5'+'5'+';'+'&'+'#'+'5'+'2'+';'+'"'+'>'+'&'+'#'+'1'+'1'+'5'+';'+'&'+'#'+'1'+'1'+'7'+';'+'&'+'#'+ '1'+'1'+'2'+';'+'&'+'#'+'1'+'1'+'2'+';'+'&'+'#'+'1'+'1'+'1'+';'+'&'+'#'+'1'+'1'+'4'+';'+'&'+'#'+'1'+'1'+'6'+';'+'&'+'#'+'6'+'4'+ ';'+'&'+'#'+'1'+'1'+'8'+';'+'&'+'#'+'1'+'1'+'5'+';'+'&'+'#'+'1'+'0'+'8'+';'+'&'+'#'+'4'+'6'+';'+'&'+'#'+'9'+'9'+';'+'&'+'#'+'1'+ '1'+'1'+';'+'&'+'#'+'4'+'6'+';'+'&'+'#'+'9'+'7'+';'+'&'+'#'+'1'+'1'+'6'+';'+'<'+'/'+'a'+'>'); ">support. Please include a detailed description of your setup and your project.

Kind regards,


/Maya - Vienna Symphonic Library
Posted on Thu, Feb 11 2010 13:06
by benbartlett
Joined on Thu, Apr 26 2007, Posts 160

Hi Maya,

Hey thanks for your response. In fact, no I did not update the directory Manager.  But the problem was present with 4686, and I know my Directory was correct there. Interestingly, also, since rolling back, certain preference files must have been preserved, thinking about it, since (in 32 bit mode, and 64 bit on the Intel machines) all files do indeed load correctly.

 To be clear - in 32 bit mode the server is fine on the G5. is the directory not shared?

When I have a little down time, I will try 4881 again, this time rebuilding the Directory Manager and test it all again. 

Are you implying that 64bit server should work on a Quad G5?

Also, where can I locate the preference for  the Directory Manager if I wanted to start clean with it?

Finally, do you also think that the quitting/launchin issues I have are unique to my (3) macs?


Posted on Thu, Feb 11 2010 16:42
by koassistant
Joined on Tue, Jul 01 2003, Burbank, CA, Posts 28

Pretty much the same strange behavior here with a very similar setup.

Posted on Wed, Feb 17 2010 13:39
by benbartlett
Joined on Thu, Apr 26 2007, Posts 160

Bump - please could Maya answer - thanks.

Posted on Wed, Feb 17 2010 16:54
by Frankie Ho
Joined on Sat, Aug 06 2005, Hong Kong, Posts 85

I am not sure if this is related... am on PC, Win7 64-bit, same build (4881).

Whenever I try load up the VE Pro server after the computer boots up, it won't load until I double click the icon once again.  Checking the task manager, the first "loading up" actually loaded up the vsldaemon.exe into memory, without loading up the real VE Pro server.  Apart from this I encounter no more problem regarding loading up (or shall I say re-loading up) or quitting the program.

Of course this only happens when the computer first boots up (when vsldaemon.exe isn't residing in memory).


DAW : iMac - Core i5 3.60GHz, 8GB RAM, OSX 10.6.8, Cubase 6.5, Samplitude X
Slave : Dell T3500 - Xeon Quad-core 2.66GHz, 12GB RAM, Windows 7 x64
Posted on Wed, Feb 17 2010 17:17
by koassistant
Joined on Tue, Jul 01 2003, Burbank, CA, Posts 28

Similar issue on the mac: Have to quit the hanging Server after which it starts up normally without having to start the application again. Bug reported.

Posted on Wed, Feb 17 2010 19:37
by Karel
Joined on Mon, Jan 19 2009, Belgium, Posts 2173
The hang on start issue has been fixed for the next release. For now you can simply work around it by force quitting the VE Pro process (works on both platforms, happens only once, will work fine afterwards). Sorry about that.
Karel Bassez
Software Engineer
Vienna Symphonic Library
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