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Upright Bass expression map
Last post Sun, Oct 26 2014 by JimmyHellfire, 4 replies.
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Posted on Tue, Feb 16 2010 09:33
by Ackermusic
Joined on Thu, Jul 31 2008, Posts 1


Is there any body who can help me setting up an expression map for the Upright bass.

or has anybody an expression map from the upright bass or at least a start of it so i can add and expand and send it back.

Thanks already


Posted on Fri, Aug 02 2013 00:35
by dragonfly
Joined on Tue, Jan 08 2008, Posts 23

I was wondering the same thing. I'm having some trouble with this.

Posted on Sun, Oct 26 2014 14:44
by KoisanX
Joined on Sun, Oct 26 2014, Posts 2
Hi there,

I'm a new user here, please forgive my ignorance - has anyone created a map? When I looked at the normal Expression location on the site, it was sadly, empty.

Ah well... Time to roll up my sleeves. :-)
Posted on Sun, Oct 26 2014 16:27
by JimmyHellfire
Joined on Tue, Dec 24 2013, Posts 335

I do have one, but I just recently added the Upright to my collection. There's a lot of articulations in there and I'm sure the map is going to go through several changes in the future, as I am yet to establish a well-tried and routined workflow with the instrument.

As of now, my VIPro setup for the Upright consists of 8 matrices:

1.Legato (contains 5 cells: perf-legato, perf-legato + slides, perf-gliss, perf-gliss slow, perf-legato ghost)
2. Shorts (6 cells: staccato, portato short, portato long, snap, damp, muted)
3. Longs (3 cells: sus nonvib, sus vib light, sus vib)
4. Repetitions (4 cells: portato slow, portato slow, portato fast, legato nonvib, legato vib)
5. single upbeat (4 cells: 80, 100, 120, 140 bpm)
6. double upbeat (4 cells: 80, 100, 120, 140 bpm)
7. triple upbeat (4 cells: 80, 100, 120, 140 bpm)
8. effects (4 cells: finger stop, arco, body noises, slided)

The expression map lets me select these matrices in the expression lane. Drawing a line in the "legato" lane makes VIPro jump to the legato matrix. This is set up as a "direction" articulation type within the map.

The cells within a matrix are defined via the "articulations" box in Cubase's info bar. So, in order to define a series of notes as "perf-gliss slow", I need to select the "legato" matrix in the expression map lane, highlight all desired notes in the piano roll and set them to "cell 4" in the "articulations" box. This is the "attribute" part of the expression map.

The X-axis in VIPro is set to CC13, the Y-axis to CC14.

This is slightly convoluted, but the other, more "direct" option would have been to set up an expression map with a big ass list of 34 articulations listed one below the other, which would require a 60 inch monitor or something to be a viable workflow option ... Smile

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