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Crashes galore when used with 2nd mac.
Last post Thu, Mar 25 2010 by Killahurts, 3 replies.
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Posted on Mon, Mar 22 2010 00:31
by jon_21078
Joined on Wed, Apr 26 2006, Posts 4

This weekend I've just tried hosting VE Pro on a separate mac using the server.

Until now I've been using it on my main DAW mac alongside Logic, and it's been working fine.   But after trying this I've been getting crashes galore in Logic...SBOD every 10 minutes or so, requiring a force-quit of Logic.  

Worse, each time it crashes Logic the VE Server on the remote mac ALSO quits unexpectedly...I then can't relaunch it as it says it's already running (despite me force-quitting anything with VSL in the name in Activity Monitor).  So that means restarting the remote mac every 10 minutes, then reloading all the samples.

After a 2 days of trying to cope with this, today I gave up and hosted the samples locally again - and no more crashes.

Have others experienced this?   As far as I can see it's completely unusable at the moment over a LAN.   I'm using VE Pro 4881, Logic 9.1 and 2 8 core Mac Pros with 12GB of RAM each, connected by Gigabit Ethernet.

Thanks - Jon

Posted on Mon, Mar 22 2010 03:06
by Paul
Joined on Sat, Aug 03 2002, Vienna, Posts 13437

Welcome Jon,

that´s strange indeed. Please send your crash reports to , we will look into this.



Paul Kopf
Product Manager - Vienna Symphonic Library
Posted on Thu, Mar 25 2010 14:39
by Killahurts
Joined on Sun, Dec 20 2009, USA, Posts 40

Hi Jon,

Just to let you know, I'm running version 4881 on 2 Mac Pros and and everything is finally working well. I'm on DP though, not Logic. I'm only running VE Pro on the slave computer, a 64 bit server and a 32 bit server. The 64 bit is working perfectly, the 32 has some stability issues, but hasn't let me down lately. On the master computer, I'm loaded way down with PLAY instances (because they STILL don't work with VE Pro, arggg!), and it seems a lot of my stability problems are with that memory load, not VE Pro.

I just finished a huge project with a template that stretched my system to it's limits. Along the way, one "observes" the crash behaviors, and then gets a feel for what might be causing them. I have noticed (get ready for it) that If I do anything network related like logging onto the internet or checking email while the system is up, it becomes increasingly unstable and inevitably crashes. If I don't do network stuff, the system plays all day without a hitch. Of course, this could be something unrelated to VE Pro, but it's just what I noticed.

Also, getting a new, better GB switch and hooking up with all CAT-6 cables virtually eliminated the crashes and drop-outs I was having before... seriously, that made a BIG difference! 

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