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VE PRO / KONTAKT 4 server / preserve instance -question
Last post Sun, May 02 2010 by john_1332, 4 replies.
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Posted on Fri, Apr 23 2010 15:13
by PaulM
Joined on Mon, May 08 2006, SURREY, ENGLAND, Posts 112

Hey everyone... I have a question for you clever people out there.

I recently bought VE PRO and use it to host Kontakt 4 with the Memory server activated.   i load up a logic session and everything loads up perfectly.   i have instances of K4 also in the logic session - also using the Memory Server.   So on this particular template I use in total about 4GB on the Kontakt Memory server. 

Heres the problem.   When I use preserve instances and I close my logic session down and open another session (which used exactly the same set of Kontakt instances / samples - the memory display at the top of my screen plummets to zero ( so in effect the mem server 'dumps' all the samples)  adn then the logic session loads - but the server has ceased to be present - i look at the Activity monitor and it show like 23Mb... shortly after this the project crashes - normally when I try to load samples into an instance of K4 on my Logic session....  It happens everytime.

If I dont use K4 in the VE pro / logic session - everything is perfectly fine and 'preserve instance' works like a dream?!?!     But I need to use it!! aggghhhh!!

So - Can anyone tell me if they have had the same experience - or better still tell me if I am being a complete nob and doing something wrong here... or is there a compatability issue on K4 with VE pro?  BTW I have a mac pro 8 core 2.8 / 18GIg memory / latest versions of all software.

Thanks in advance for you help

Paul  :)

Posted on Fri, Apr 23 2010 16:58
by john_1332
Joined on Thu, Feb 13 2003, Posts 109

The secret is to open Kontakt 4 in standalone, go to the preferences and select to manually manage the memory server.  It then gives you a little icon in the top menu bar of the Finder where you can click to purge unused memory.

However, this won't really help you with the preserve problem. What I've learned from long trial and error is to open a template session first (I suppose you could also open a metaframe).  Then I perserve the VE Pro, then disconnect it at the plug-in, close the session.  Then I open a new session, reconnect it to the preserved VE Pro and work in decoupled mode.  When I'm done with that session I disconnect before closing.

Now in all my sessions I have 4 VE Pros:  one 32-bit template session, one 64-bit template, one 32-bit "cue" session and one 64-bit "cue" session.  The template instances are disconnected before closing the session, the "cue" instanced are kept connected.

As soon as Kontakt 4.1 is out of beta, I should be able to get rid of the 32 bit instances and only use the 64's, as the only plug-in I need in 32bit is Kontakt.

This may not help you with the crashing problem, but it will keep your samples in memory when closing Kontakt.  Unless of course there is some other problem.

Posted on Sat, May 01 2010 23:28
by PaulM
Joined on Mon, May 08 2006, SURREY, ENGLAND, Posts 112

Hey  John_1332

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner - thans for this - it is helpful to see how you get around this - I think I understand... so the 'cue' instances only carry the data that is relelvant to the one particular cue you are working on - while the 'template' instance is the same across all sessions?

And to be clear - you manually disconnect the template instances before quitting?


Posted on Sun, May 02 2010 01:05
by john_1332
Joined on Thu, Feb 13 2003, Posts 109

Yes, and yes.  I know others work this way too.  Hopefully a future version of VE Pro will make this dual mode approach unnecessary, but for now this is the fastest way.  

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