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I have a question about the Brass I Bundle
Last post Sat, May 08 2010 by Paul, 2 replies.
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Posted on Thu, May 06 2010 19:51
by brianmusic
Joined on Mon, May 11 2009, Posts 11
I'm lookign for the trombone sample can play glissandos well.

Here's the sample content ecerpted from the Tenor Trombone of Brass I

Performance glissandos, fast and slow, minor 2nd to diminished 5th
Fixed glissandos, fast, minor 2nd to diminished 5th, up and down
Fixed glissandos, slow, minor 3rd to diminished 5th, up and down
Please note that fixed glissandos have different up and down ranges.

What does performance glissandos? Does it mean we can choose the starting and ending pitches in different tempos?

It seems the performance glissando has only two kinds of tempos: fast and slow, is my understanding correct?

I feel kind of disappointed about the Harp boundle which I ordered 4 days ago and just received it yesterday.

The description in the glissando category in the sample content says:

All speeds, major, minor, diminished, pentatonic, and whole tone

But catually it does not have all speeds but 3 speeds which are fast, medium, and slow.

I thought all speeds mean we can get all kinds of tempos by controller or somthing when I ordered it, and besides, the range of glissando has very limited register and we don't have many choices on the starting pitch.

I've already registered the Harp Bundle and would like to know if there's any chance I can return it and get the refund?

Anyone has this experience with VSL?


Posted on Sat, May 08 2010 00:28
by Paul
Joined on Sat, Aug 03 2002, Vienna, Posts 13300

HI brianmusic,

I just answered your support mail.

It´s true that the description in the sample content of the Harps can be misleading - I guess we assumed that you have read through the product description of the harps, where the arpeggios are described with slow, medium and fast tempos.

Concerning the glissandos: They also have fixed tempos. You can of course always manipulate the samples after you have bounced them.

Our upcoming Vienna Instruments PRO technology will also allow stretching, so this will add quite some possibilities.



Paul Kopf
Product Manager - Vienna Symphonic Library
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