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Posted on Wed, Jul 28 2010 10:14
by benbartlett
Joined on Thu, Apr 26 2007, Posts 162



The title of my post says it really.

It's really odd, but this problem is a resut of a project that is ongoing over the course of a year and as a result, I am openning up work in progress that was started many months ago, before various VE Pro updates.

Of course, in theory, any version of VE Pro should be backwards compatible, and on that assumption, there is clearly something wrong with my setup for this to be happening.

Really weird, is the fact that I CAN open a 4686 file in 5436 on a different machine (althugh without the liscenses on board, it's empty but showing the instruments.)

On the problem machine, after a lot of loading time (4 GB VE project) i get the error: Project Invalid or Inaccessible.

Now, I uninstalled and re-installed various versions of VE Pro, including pulling out all Application Support files (Mac) that are not actually removed by the uninstaller. Still no joy.

The VE Pro project was originally "tethered" to the sequencer, IE not preserved. So, loading up the sequencer should just run it right? Ok, what happens is I get a completely blank project on the server. If I roll back to 4686 (everywhere of course) and repeat loading the sequencer, all is fine. In this case, I then attempted to preserve and save project as a file. The rolled forwards to 5436, and attempted to open this new project in VE Pro (non-server) just to eliminate the sequencer from the equation. This is the scenario that both creates a blank project and the eror message Project File Invalid or Inaccessible.

Attempting a permissions repair next. One more thing. Since creating the original project, all machines in the studio have also undergone upgrades from 10.5.8 to 10.6.4. I am also going to attempt to re-open the old project from my archived 10.5.8 startup disk on the sequencer side, although I did not archive 10.5.8 on the server. I'll try preserving and saving from there, rolling forwards again and see what happens.

Ant thoughts greatly welcomed - and what is the official channel to get the speediest support from VSL?


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