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The download manager is a bad idea
Last post Sun, Oct 17 2010 by christof69, 4 replies.
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Posted on Wed, Aug 25 2010 23:14
by info_9427
Joined on Thu, Nov 04 2004, Posts 57

The flugelhorn was the first library that I used the download manager
with and I was disappointed to notice that the download manager checks
the dongle for license before installing. I can't figure how it would make anything safer for
VSL but it makes things more difficult for the legitimate users. My
slave that runs Vienna Instruments doesn't have a keyboard and I like to
download everything to a single folder on the DAW for easy backup. Because I have to use the download manager to extract the downloaded files and it asks for the dongle I have to move the dongle with the right license from the slave to the DAW for installing and then back to the slave for using.

I also can't understand why the flugelhorn doesn't have an installer. It seems that the download manager can only install software that it has downloaded, it doesn't seem to be able to open files downloaded with another computer. Do I have to download the samples again with the download manager to be able to install them to a new system? What if all my software required me to do that? I just did a full backup of my samples and that's 1.2 teras at the moment. Or can I just compress the files the download manager extracted and save those for further installs? Doesn't that make having the copy protection procedures in the download manager completely pointless?

Also the download manager itself is questionable even if it can be downloaded on any necessary system and even if the downloading worked very well. I'm not too happy with the scenario where I have to keep installing and using separate download managers for all the dozens of manufacturers I have bought software from instead of just browsing to their websites and getting what I need.

I really hope that you can keep using the good old-fashioned way of having an installer that can be run without a dongle or any external software and easily copied from system to system. We already have to use a dongle to use the software, that should be enough.

Posted on Sun, Oct 17 2010 08:27
by christof69
Joined on Fri, Feb 29 2008, Posts 4

Absolutely agree with above post...my little studio building has a very slow internet connection...if we're all dongled up anyway why can't we download the flugelhorn say anywhere we want but only INSTALL it where there's a dongle?

More of vsl ensuring they keep every last euro for what is very expensive music software already, very mean indeed

Posted on Sun, Oct 17 2010 10:22
by Paul
Joined on Sat, Aug 03 2002, Vienna, Posts 13527


The Download Manager can be used on any internet computer, and of course you can then copy the data to any other computer and install the files with the "normal" Library Installer. For your convenience, you can also start the installation from the Download Manager directly.

The Download Manager does NOT require any license, just to download the files.

The Download Manager was made to make the download process more comfortable for you. The Special Edition Strings Standard Library comes in 45 cab-files - this is all downloaded automatically with the Download Manager, and it makes sure that all files were downloaded correctly (the only way to check this before was to do an MD5 checksum comparison).

If you are experiencing any troubles, please contact , we´ll always find a solution for you!



Paul Kopf
Product Manager - Vienna Symphonic Library
Posted on Sun, Oct 17 2010 13:10
by christof69
Joined on Fri, Feb 29 2008, Posts 4

Apologies Paul, have downloaded the DM onto my fast Internet computer now!

Chris M

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