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Posted on Thu, Sep 16 2010 14:34
by jeremyroberts
Joined on Thu, Apr 17 2003, New York, NY USA, Posts 282

i thought I'd take a moment to share the successes I've been having with a workflow that I've had in place now for a few weeks... and this workflow has been most stable, and does NOT tempt fate by saving massive data back to protools.

here's the rig:

HOST: Mac G5 2.7 PPC, OS 10.5.8, 8gb ram, ProTools HD 8.0.1cs2

SLAVE #1: macbook Pro C2D 2.33 17", 3gb ram, OS 10.6.4, VE Pro 6853 32-bit server

SLAVE #2: AMD Athlon 64X2 4400X+ - 3gb ram - WinXP 32-bit VE Pro server v.6853

Gigabit (Cat 5e) hardwired to switch, static IPs all around


1. Open a protools session.

2. Make 2 stereo auxes in pt - name the aux tracks "VEPro_1"; "VEPro_2"

3. instantiate VEPro plugins on the aux tracks - but DO NOT connect just yet.

4. Verify the VEPro servers are running on both slave machines;

5. make a NEW VE Pro instance, per slave -- NAME IT something appropriate.

6. IMMEDIATELY select the 2 default tracks and delete them (1 VI and 1 bus - this should not be there and VSL is encouraged to stop this practice - but that's the subject of a different thread)

6. Back in protools, now CONNECT to each NAMED instance from the 2 plugs

7. Immediately after connecting, select DECOUPLE in each protools plug

8. back at the servers, unselect the PRESERVE function

9. Save your project as... on each slave.

10. SAVE your protools session.

AT THIS POINT you are in good shape to continue working, without any saving issues from Kontakt or other plugs that save their data back to the host. Let's keep going...

If you were to CLOSE your protools session, then re-open it, it will RE-CONNECT to empty, default VE Pro instances. At this point, you must Open or load the saved VE Pro projects (viframe) per slave. --->  dialog box: "do you want to save changes to the project?" -- NO (Don't Save) and then choose the project for this session to load.

Done. Perfect every time. Don't forget to RELIGIOUSLY save your projects as you edit them in VE Pro, since there is ZERO data stored back in protools.

<rant> In a more perfect world, this workflow could improve with the following:

a) VE Pro would default to an EMPTY document on new instances, like every other app ever made

b) we wouldn't have to "don't save changes" on loading a document when there's never been a document opened

c) VE Pro would allow protools to link to a VE Pro viframe, and store the linked file location, but not the contents or the sample data (simplifying this process)


I KNOW this sounds complicated, but it's the sure thing. I'm just about done with a 12-song mix that I produced and this workflow has been reliable as can be, and zero crashes related to Kontakl4 or other data rich plugs that all tried to embed their data in the protools session. If you have had any crashes related to saving a protools session and you have more than a tiny bit of VE Pro content, this workflow will be superior.

Hope this helps someone.



Posted on Thu, Sep 16 2010 16:31
by john_1332
Joined on Thu, Feb 13 2003, Posts 109

I'm just going to say "Amen." That's the same workflow I had on my last project.  It was a pain, in that for every cue I had to open three things -- Pro Tools Session, VE 32 project, VE64 project -- and then save them.  Made switching projects with the director sitting there a little embarrassing.  

An average Pro Tools session can get up to 5MB.  With 2 VE Pros attached they get up to 15MB.  It seems like a small difference, but it makes Pro Tools very unstable.  I wish that VE Pro was designed so that the PT session saved some sort of small "pointer" file that would link it to another file that saved all the VE Pro data.  This could be some file in the Library that you never see or else some metaproject file that you could save, open and modify and put into you cue folder.  In any case, that would solve the decoupling, deconnection and long autosave issues with Pro Tools. 

Posted on Thu, Sep 16 2010 20:06
by darkmatter
Joined on Thu, Oct 08 2009, Posts 49
Decouple is the way to go!Thats how I work in Protools too,so far works great!I also agree with the suggestions re empty VE Pro instances and the unwanted prompts when loading a project.
Jeremy,what version of Ve Pro are you using?

Posted on Thu, Sep 16 2010 20:11
by jeremyroberts
Joined on Thu, Apr 17 2003, New York, NY USA, Posts 282
darkmatter wrote:
Jeremy,what version of Ve Pro are you using? Dean.


6853 on all machines. I think I put that in the OP  :-)

Posted on Thu, Sep 16 2010 20:17
by darkmatter
Joined on Thu, Oct 08 2009, Posts 49
Thanks,..just noticed that,oops!

How are you finding VI Pro?are you using the demo any issues with other libraries or is all running smooth?

(I would like to update to the latest version but my system is working so well Ver.6150.)Dean.
Posted on Thu, Sep 16 2010 20:30
by jeremyroberts
Joined on Thu, Apr 17 2003, New York, NY USA, Posts 282

Yes. Bought VI Pro -- and for the most part exceeds all expectations. A big step forward for my VSL investment.

Posted on Thu, Sep 16 2010 23:46
by pianosound
Joined on Fri, Oct 02 2009, Posts 41
I also agree, I'm a little slow with new software, but Vi Pro w/ Ve Pro, latest build, is great!!! And decouple has saved a lot of head aches w/ PT's! .... Mike
PT's 003r, 10/11 | Win 7 64 bit | i7 920 | 12 gigs ram | VeP, VIP, Solo Strings | Waves Platinum | Ivory 2 |
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