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[SOLVED] Problems with VI eversince I installed VI Pro
Last post Wed, Dec 08 2010 by TobiasWagner, 3 replies.
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Posted on Wed, Sep 22 2010 14:01
by TobiasWagner
Joined on Mon, May 26 2003, New York, Posts 50


I have been trying to find a thread that covers this, but was not lucky yet.

There seems to be a problem with the licensed content recognition in VI. Eversince I installed VI Pro my older sessions do not load sounds for the regular VIs anymore. When I open the server window I can see which patches were loaded. I can even save a matrix or preset and open it with VI Pro afterwards (try doing that with a few dozen tracks and an approaching deadline).

The problem seems to be that VI does not scan for licensed content anymore eversince there is VI Pro now (i.e. when in preset view, the list of all installed content on the left is empty and the patch browser is empty as well). This problem does NOT pertain to VIs instanciated in VE Pro - there it works fine. I tried running the directory manager again by hitting "rescan". Neither that or restarting solved the problem. According to the build-numbers I use the latest version of each software.

The Standalone VI (not that I would use it) gets stuck on booting and does not even show the main window. Logic freezes if VI was instanciated before VI Pro (this seems to be due to the faulty content scanning process).

Any ideas? Anyone?




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Posted on Thu, Sep 23 2010 04:10
by Cyril Blanc
Joined on Thu, Dec 19 2002, Paris France, Posts 2636

try this :

Delete all entries in directory manager, exit and re-insert your places

good luck


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Posted on Wed, Dec 08 2010 22:47
by TobiasWagner
Joined on Mon, May 26 2003, New York, Posts 50

Hello Cyril,

So sorry - this thread is so old. I was swamped with work and had no chance to solve the problem until now that the storm has passed. Back then, I did try what you had suggested, but somehow without success. However, not too long ago, I went ahead and updated all the Vienna software, deleted the directory manager entries, re-inserted my places, et voilà!

Thank you again - I did not want to leave this unanswered.



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