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Latest version upgrade, old DP files aux tracks don't work?
Last post Mon, Oct 25 2010 by Rob Kral, 6 replies.
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Posted on Tue, Oct 05 2010 06:28
by Rob Kral
Joined on Thu, Nov 13 2003, Los Angeles, Posts 68


I just upgraded VEPro and VI to the latest versions today. (I had been using much older versions and wanted to get the "decouple" feature working, which wasn't present on my older version).

Now, when I open my Digital Performer 7 files, all of the VEPro instances are italicized in the input column for each AUX track in DP.

I can go to those input columns and choose "create new stereo bundle" and re-do everything, but is this normal? If I were to open old files I'd have to do this hundreds upon hundreds of times (I work on a tv series). As it is I'd have to re-do this for the projects I am currently working on.

I upgraded VEPro on both my main DAW / Digital Performer mac and my 2nd mac which is where I run VEPro. On the 2nd mac I upgraded both VEPro to the latest version and VI to then latest version (but not VI pro, yet).

When I opened DP after all this it saw a new AU, examined it and passed it. I guess it sees this upgrade as a completely new instrument or AU, so the old one is lost, hence no longer available in the aux inputs as above? Is there  a remedy for this?

Posted on Sun, Oct 24 2010 15:46
by sinkd
Joined on Sat, Oct 22 2005, Dayton, OH USA, Posts 2

Hi Rob,

This sounds like it's related to the issue reported in the "bundles mess" thread at motunation. I'm having similar, very frustrating issues here. I'd love to know if you've found a workaround until MOTU gets this resolved.

Posted on Sun, Oct 24 2010 18:15
by Rob Kral
Joined on Thu, Nov 13 2003, Los Angeles, Posts 68

Yes it does, and that is a motu issue. 

However I think it's important to note that since going back to the originally released version of VEPro, I have had NO issues at all.

Please also note that via personal email Vienna have been very responsive, and gave me a link to download the old version to go back. We don't know what my issues are but the response at least from Vienna is very much appreciated. 

With the latest version (and remember I skipped ALL versions between the original release and this one) I could not open an old file, nor copy a newly created DP file and rename it as a new one and continue work, without major hassles. going back to the old version of VEPro I don't have any issues at all.

Posted on Sun, Oct 24 2010 23:32
by Rob Kral
Joined on Thu, Nov 13 2003, Los Angeles, Posts 68

UGH SCRATCH THAT. I had no problems for about 2 weeks, and now, today, every time I close a DP file I'm working on, copy it, rename and open to start working on a new file, I lose all AUX inputs again!!!!

No other crashes though, dare I say it. But the above confirms this is a DP issue although the crashes etc were resolved by going back to the old VEPro version.

I guess I MUST be doing something different from yesterdays work (for the last 2 weeks) but I don't know what. The confusion that has resulted is driving me really crazy and I'm frankly getting really tired of it.

Posted on Mon, Oct 25 2010 15:23
by Karel
Joined on Mon, Jan 19 2009, Belgium, Posts 2173

I suggest contacting MOTU about this. The aux assignment issue has been a long standing issue in DP.

Karel Bassez
Software Engineer
Vienna Symphonic Library
Posted on Mon, Oct 25 2010 15:48
by Rob Kral
Joined on Thu, Nov 13 2003, Los Angeles, Posts 68

Thanks Karel.

Motu have been notified by many customers / users for a long while about this.

Might be time for me to switch to Logic like many others I know have done! Thanks for your assistance along the way with this.

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