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Any plans to support OSC
Last post Mon, Jun 20 2011 by A871, 12 replies.
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Posted on Sat, Nov 06 2010 08:18
by dfhage
Joined on Thu, Nov 07 2002, London, UK, Posts 95

I've just downloaded the TouchOSC app for my iPad, it works wonderfully well with Logic, any plans for VSL to support OSC in their software?


Dave Hage

Tags: OSC
Posted on Sun, Nov 07 2010 06:04
by JT3_Jon
Joined on Fri, Jun 04 2004, Palmdale CA (1 hour north of LA), Posts 469

Couldn't you use TouchOSC to send midi CC's that are already assigned to VSL? I believe this is what TouchOSC is doing, sending midi data, and the reason why logic works is because a template has been setup by TouchOSC. I would imagine you could create your own template and have it coordinate with VSL.  

If you do this, let us know how well it works.

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Posted on Mon, Nov 08 2010 08:36
by dfhage
Joined on Thu, Nov 07 2002, London, UK, Posts 95

I'll download the editor and give it a try.

Dave Hage

Posted on Tue, Jun 07 2011 18:59
by Jef de Corte
Joined on Wed, Sep 26 2007, Wichelen, Belgium, Posts 53

Hi Dave,

I was wondering if you have found a solution?

I know how it works with Kontakt, but I did not find out yet how it can be done in VI Pro.

It should work if one can assign a CC# to one of the knobs in the software instrument tab (I am working in Logic) but I'm puzzled how to do that.



Posted on Tue, Jun 07 2011 22:57
by A871
Joined on Thu, Feb 04 2010, Posts 67
You should work with program changes instead of ccs.
Press prg at the left in the matrix list. Every matrix gets a program number.

if you use osculator choose program change instead of cc

if you use the latest touchosc version, this can be done within touchosc itself.

if you use puredata with touchosc, you should connect your faders with a prgout. (probably with bang-object between them)
When using puredata instead of direct midi output in touchosc, you are able to connect the faders to program changes AND
ccs at the same time. for example: when touching fader 5, ctlout 5 (program change 5) and ctlout 5 (cc5) will be activated, causing vi pro to choose the articulation matrix with number five. When moving fader 5 it also activates cc5 so you can scroll over the articulation patches within matrix 5
(remember to choose cc5 as controller for the x- or y-axis in the matrix view menu, otherwise this won't work.
Posted on Wed, Jun 08 2011 07:59
by Jef de Corte
Joined on Wed, Sep 26 2007, Wichelen, Belgium, Posts 53

Thank you for the reply A871.

However, I only used touchOSC for just 1 day now, and what you describe sounds a bit complicated for a novice like me. I guess that all this has to be done in the touchOSC editor, and create a special template for the VI Pro instrument?

What I currently trying to do is mainly assign some of the performance sliders (volume, expression, velocity xfade,...) to some of the faders in the software instrument tab of the logic template that is already pre-installed in the touchOSC app.

In Kontakt this is very easy to do by assigning host automation slots to the knobs and sliders in the Kontakt user interface.

You can see how it is done in Kontakt in this video. If something similar would be possible in VI Pro, that would be very handy.

If there would be a simple way to assign a fader in the Software Instrument Parameter (from the logic template in touchOSC) to the performance sliders in VI Pro, it would work I guess.

That would be a very easy way to add expression and velocity xfade to the tracks.

Posted on Sat, Jun 11 2011 13:08
by A871
Joined on Thu, Feb 04 2010, Posts 67
I will give you a very fast answer for now, because I have to go somewhere in around 5 minutes : )

but normally you should be able to right click on most of the faders in VI pro, and than touch a fader on your ipad or ipod with touchosc on it and it will move. at least all the faders in the performance-menu. Just as you right-click on a knob in kontakt and press midi-learn. If you go to the advanced menu in VI pro, you'll see all parameters with the dedicated
cc controlls, every fader or knob in your touchosc interface will have a cc number. Hope this works.

Posted on Mon, Jun 13 2011 18:08
by Jef de Corte
Joined on Wed, Sep 26 2007, Wichelen, Belgium, Posts 53

That is what I tried also, but it does not seem to work. The VI Pro faders do not react to the faders on touchOSC.

I have tried to create a simple template to control expression and velocity xfade, but I cannot make touchOSC interact with the same faders on VI Pro. 

Posted on Sat, Jun 18 2011 15:28
by A871
Joined on Thu, Feb 04 2010, Posts 67
Are you sure you used the correct IP-adress in touchosc?
Posted on Sat, Jun 18 2011 15:36
by A871
Joined on Thu, Feb 04 2010, Posts 67
ok, now I get it, Logic understands osc messages directly.
VI pro doesn't. Most softwares don't. To use touchosc with VI Pro, you will have choose midi-ccs outputs in touchosc editor instead of osc. Logic will understand these midi ccs aswell.

If you use touchosc with a patch made in Pure Data with loopbe (virtual midi cable) you will be able to send
midi ccs and osc messages with the same fader.

Posted on Sun, Jun 19 2011 08:43
by Jef de Corte
Joined on Wed, Sep 26 2007, Wichelen, Belgium, Posts 53

Thanks, but your last line is just too technical for me. I googled a bit and I found out that loopbe is for PC, and I am on a mac.

I know that touchOSC works with a Pd file I needed to download, but that is as far as my knowledge goes. I fear that I will not have the skills to tackle this. I hope that someone with more technical expertise will find a solution and post a template or detailed how to for dummies (like me :-) ).

Posted on Mon, Jun 20 2011 13:28
by A871
Joined on Thu, Feb 04 2010, Posts 67
I can make the patch for you. But doesn't everything work when you choose midi instead of osc when you load the
logic interface in the touchosc editor. Understanding osc messages is quite some feature for softwares but normally they all
unstand midi messages. In this case logic will keep on working (with midi instead of osc) and VI PRO will work aswell.
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