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Posted on Sat, Apr 02 2011 11:29
by Simon Hanna
Joined on Sat, Mar 26 2011, Australia, Posts 30
I am working on a 2010 Mac Pro and Logic 9. I just installed Vienna Cube and am having a quite uncanny issue.
When I bounce out my work (regardless of how small or large) I go to play back the song (in logic) and get horrible clicks and pops (usually during transitions of notes). If I close the project and then reboot, its fine.

All my software is updated and it is not an issue of my hardware lacking power - as I said, it happens even if I only have 1 instrument loaded playing a single melody.

Thank you for your help.

Also, I noticed that logic is indicating that 1 core of the cpu keeps overloading when i get the clicks and pops. It also happens not just during playback, but when I play keys live as well.
Posted on Sun, Apr 24 2011 08:07
by Simon Hanna
Joined on Sat, Mar 26 2011, Australia, Posts 30
no one?
Posted on Tue, Apr 26 2011 14:34
by C.B.
Joined on Wed, Aug 11 2010, Quebec Canada, Posts 134

Hi Simon,

I had some clicks and pops problems in the past. Like you it was not always because I overloaded my hardware. Keeping VSL library on a separate hard disk (even on a slower external drive) from the booting system drive was very effective. It seems that the buffer size (Audio preference in Logic) is an issue too. I choose Medium.

Keeping Logic (or any DAW) in a separate computer (a MacBook Pro does the job very well) made a big difference for me. But this is more to avoid reel overload system and ram limitation.

Good luck!


Posted on Fri, May 27 2011 22:56
by Hifidelity2010
Joined on Sun, Apr 04 2010, San Francisco, Posts 3
Yep I'm trying to track down this issue myself.

I'm going to try 2 things.

Put a fast dedicated drive on the slave PC JUST for the VSL
Put a fast dedicated drive on my mac JUST for tracking with nothing else running.

I bought 1 velociraptor drive 300g so i'll think I'll put this in my Mac first. Since I assume when you "bounce" it's taxing the host tracking drive the most.

Then I'll get do the same for PC. But I'd love to know other folks' experience during bounce...
Posted on Fri, May 27 2011 23:00
by Hifidelity2010
Joined on Sun, Apr 04 2010, San Francisco, Posts 3
Just to clarity, i DO have my VSL on my slave pc on the c:\ drive and I'm hoping that added an dedicated drive will solve this.

I kind of forgot about this issue because i bought the PC JUST for VSL and the internal boot drive being like 1tb, i thought it was a waste to get ANOTHER drive just to put 120gb worth of VSL data.

I'm still not sure if I also need to do some HD surgery on my Mac as well.
Posted on Fri, May 27 2011 23:29
by FredB
Joined on Sat, Apr 01 2006, Montreal, Posts 669

Are you using any automation on VE Pro? I had this problem when using automation with an additionnal VE server buffer (1x or 2x on the plugin). If so, try turning off this buffer when bouncing. It does the trick for me.


Master: Imac I7 32Gb Late 2013 - - OsX 10.13.6
Slave: Corei7 6800k 64gb - Win 10
Soft: Logic X 10.4.4 - ProTools 12.x - VE Pro 6 - VI Pro 2 - MIR
Posted on Sun, May 29 2011 02:07
by dpcon
Joined on Sat, Oct 12 2002, Los Angeles, Posts 1646

  • Having lots of clicks and pops here with v4.1 (latest build.) Both on my external PC's and my Mac quad core. I have very good drive allocation of samples so it's not that. It clicks and glitches regularly with even a single instrument playing. As someone said it seems to happen during note transitions. I don't think I ever had this happening on regular VE on 4 different computers but with VE Pro it happens on every instance on every computer that is steaming even just one instrument.

Dave Connor
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