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LaCie 250 GB problems - any thoughts?
Last post Mon, Jun 21 2004 by plowman, 5 replies.
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Posted on Sat, Jun 12 2004 17:17
by Klaus
Joined on Tue, Oct 22 2002, Munich, Germany, Posts 17
About two weeks ago i bought several LaCie 250 GB HDs. Copied lots of data to them - also in big chuncks (some gigs in one run). Everything worked super so far. Had superb track count - no probs at all. All this in ProTools. With Logic i also did not have any prob.

But now i copied the ProEdition of the Vienna Lib and other Libs to two of these HDs. Worked also fine.

Then i found a EXS program/soundfile that made Logic crash (always!). Then i thought i reload that instrument from the DVD (it was the clarinet in b - normal set - not the performance one) - that also worked fine - then i wanted to erase the old instrument. Here is where the problem started. It seems that there is a problem to erase data from these drives... - complete crash of the mac without any message from the mac - just the spinning wheel... forever...

With another drive i copied 4 45 min films (dialogs, atmos, EFX, foley...) from a SCSI drive without a problem - they also played perfect - but then i wanted to erase/delete two of the folders with all the files in it and again - the mac crashes completely (spinning wheel forever...). I tried several restarts (pushing the power-button for some seconds - no other way possibal) - tried it again several times - just the same happens again...

Ran disc-util for disc-permissions and also for repair of the HDs - no problems found (used the apple utils).
Norton 8.02 or 8.2 (anyway the newest one) did find lots of problems - but i let Norton not repair anything (it also found lots of probs on the startup-drive - i dont trust Norton anymore - so Norton found probs - but i did not let him repair anything!!! - is it worth a try???)
The drives are connected via FW400 to the mac. The connection from one to the other drive is via FW 800 - but that does not matter, because i also tried it with just one drive attached... same results...

Next test was deleting some folders from the drives using my PowerBook G4 (with 10.3.4) - same thing - crashes. I can delete single files (on both systems) - but as soon i try to delet lots of files the problem begins...

This makes me nervous now - it took nearly a week just to import/write all the data to two of the drives (all these libraries are just too much data...)

Any ideas????

Mac 1GHz DP, OSX 10.3.2., 1,5 GB RAM, PT 6.4, HD-2, Logic Pro 6.4.1, new digi CoreAudioDriver, PowerBook G4, 1GB RAM...
Newes drivers from LaCie were already installed (i checked that)
Posted on Sat, Jun 12 2004 22:44
by cm
Joined on Fri, Dec 20 2002, vienna, Posts 9136
yes, i also don't trust norton anymore (maybe you remember many folks lost several disks with norton when osX came out?) before you try to repair anything make a backup or an image if you have the option _and_ check if it is restorable.
my feeling is too many guys are not testing their apps in real world situations - permission problems, file system issues to be found over the whole system ... possibly the principle of a B-tree has never been really understood?

one thing that disturbs me for a very long tome is that it is not possible to create primary partitions with HFS or HFS+ but only logical drives on extended partitions - why? this is the first single point of failure ...
and remember: a CRAY is the only computer that runs an endless loop in just four hours ...
Posted on Mon, Jun 21 2004 09:53
by Klaus
Joined on Tue, Oct 22 2002, Munich, Germany, Posts 17
Found out what the problem was: Norton File Saver. Disabed it and the disks work perfect now. Norton seems to have (beside others) a problem with disks over a certain size (all my other disks did work fine - the biggest one was 80 GB).
Posted on Mon, Jun 21 2004 16:03
by jbm
Joined on Fri, Jan 16 2004, Posts 1159
Burn Norton's now. Buy a copy of Disk Warrior later. Wink

Posted on Mon, Jun 21 2004 19:52
by plowman
Joined on Sat, Dec 13 2003, Posts 1141
Klaus, congrats on solving your problem. I'm glad it wasn't the LaCie 250 GB. It's been a great drive for me.
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