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VSL-pro - new install
Last post Wed, Jun 30 2004 by Klaus, 10 replies.
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Posted on Wed, Jun 23 2004 10:03
by Klaus
Joined on Tue, Oct 22 2002, Munich, Germany, Posts 17
Just because it takes quite some time to make a new install of the pro-edition i would like to get some advice.
I had several problems with my drives for the VSL (2 250 GB LaCies) and have lots of missing and double files (but i am pretty shure i did a clean installation). Also 3 clones. Probably this is only because of the problems i had...
So - as soon as i get my G5 (the 2.5 GHz version) i will install the VSL on freshly formated disks (i hope the new DVD-drive is much faster then my current one). Do i have to load all the disks i got (are there double files if i do that)? Is there anything i should take care of??? On one of the DVDs i always get a error (the flute) - and i also have right now a instrument (maybe there are some more) were Logic will always crash (try to save your song) - always!
So - any advice???

A question to the VSL-team - could i get a disk from you that i could just copy? Could i send you a disk and someone copies the files for me?
How much would that cost? (i live in munich - so sending disks would not be a real problem...)
It would just save so much time (and hussle)...
Posted on Wed, Jun 23 2004 10:21
by xcell
Joined on Sat, Mar 20 2004, Germany, Posts 18
Hi, got the same problems...
There were a few Instruments that lets Logic crash if opened in the EXS24 (so as the clarinette does). But with the Update DVD there are new Samples which are working. This Update DVD is free and you can order it via this Site.
You have to Unstuff the Violas with StuffIt 6.x. That Version also works in OS X, so thats no Problem. But with newer Versions there comes an error.
It is faster (I think) if you copy first the stuffed Files from DVD to HD and than unstuff them.
Oh, and yes, I think there are Clones and missing Samples. I think the clones are correctly for some Instruments, so you can load them twice in different Sampler Instruments. But the missing ones...No idea.

Regards from Cologne,

Posted on Wed, Jun 23 2004 21:12
by Klaus
Joined on Tue, Oct 22 2002, Munich, Germany, Posts 17
Thanks Axel - i used stuffit 6.02... (and also ordered the new DVD - but all this does not solve my problem with lots of instruments i cannot load - but probably its because of the disc-errors i had...) - and most likely a statement from the VSL-team will be here soon.

Do others have similar problems????
Posted on Wed, Jun 23 2004 21:35
by Klaus
Joined on Tue, Oct 22 2002, Munich, Germany, Posts 17
Sorry - forgot something.
I also have the solo-strings - but i read somewhere that i do not have to install the solo-stings that are within the pro-edition if i install the solo-sting set - is that true?
Anyway - this is not my main proglem right now - the solo-stings work fine so far...
Posted on Thu, Jun 24 2004 09:57
by marnix
Joined on Tue, Mar 16 2004, Vienna, Posts 1006
Hi Klaus,

First concerning the Solo Strings: The Solo Violin and the Solo Cello from the Pro Edition and the Horizon Series are identical, so you will not have to install them twice.

From our records, I can see that you started off your VSL collection with the First Edition. The doubled files and other problems you encounter might come from the fact that the whole First Edition is also contained in the Pro Edition, but, due to the more extended mapping in the PE, had sometimes to be renamed.

So when you do your fresh install of the library, you just have to unpack the Pro Edition, the Solo Viola/Solo Bass from the Solo Strings and the Glass & Stones from the Horizon Series.

To unpack, I tend to recommend the freeware application UnrarX, which you can download at http://homepage.mac.com/pnoriega/unrar.html It is significantly faster and much more reliable than Stuffit Expander in handling RAR-files.

I also use Lacie D2 FW HDs (2x 120 GB, 1x 160 GB and 1x 200 GB) for quite some time now and never had any problems with them.

CM already sent you a Private Message concerning your request of sending HDs to and from Munich...

best regards

Posted on Sat, Jun 26 2004 20:50
by yasser
Joined on Mon, Nov 03 2003, Posts 15
moved post
Posted on Sun, Jun 27 2004 23:09
by musos
Joined on Sun, Dec 08 2002, Johannesburg, South Africa, Posts 916

Thanks for the info re RAR files. However, the link you mentioned seems to be dead. Anywhere else to get UnrarX?

Regards - Colin
Posted on Sun, Jun 27 2004 23:37
by cm
Joined on Fri, Dec 20 2002, vienna, Posts 9138
marnix, sorry for having edited your post ... you stumbled over a bug of the forum software (dots at the end of a URL are not seperated from the link)
the site is still up http://homepage.mac.com/pnoriega/unrar.html
and remember: a CRAY is the only computer that runs an endless loop in just four hours ...
Posted on Sun, Jun 27 2004 23:44
by marnix
Joined on Tue, Mar 16 2004, Vienna, Posts 1006

thanks, cm
Posted on Wed, Jun 30 2004 07:37
by Klaus
Joined on Tue, Oct 22 2002, Munich, Germany, Posts 17
Well - after Disk-Warrior repairs i have not a big change...
Still lots of instruments cannot be resoved by EXS-manager...

But here something new:
I looked into many of the samples-folders - allways found .wav and .aif files (.aif of course only in other libs than the VSL).
Then i looked into the files from the Advanced-Orchestra Update (the DVD) - what does that mean? I found files with the ending
.wav peak
.wav dup (with Info it shows: UNIX executable file)

Wow - what is that??? With the EXS i only need .exs (the programs) and either .wav or .aif files - right? What are these other files? What are there for? A UNIX-executable-file i find quite strange - of course i did not execute them... and i do not think that the OS did execute them - but i am not shure about that of course...
I also found folders called Images within the sample-folders of the Advanced Orchestra...

Can anybody explain that?

As soon as i have my new G5 i will do a new clean install - thats for shure...

Any answer would be apreciated.

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