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Presets in Sibelius 7
Last post Fri, Mar 16 2012 by andi, 2 replies.
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Posted on Fri, Mar 16 2012 09:40
by skram
Joined on Sat, Aug 04 2007, Oslo, Posts 50


I have installed all the standard libraries (full package), and have set up Sibelius 7 and VE PRO 5 according to your "Optimizing.."-guide (which is excellent). I have also checked that the sound sets loaded are the latest ones, and that my VE PRO 5 is up to date.

I have loaded presets for all instruments (full orchestra). Here are my problems:

Woodwinds: plays back the correct channel, they trigger expression but not articulations. For example, They play perf leg also where there are staccato-markings (keypad) 

Horns: presets loaded: HO-8-VSL Preset Level 1 and HO-4 VSL Preset Level 1. They won´t trigger articulations, play only per leg. For the horns I have chosen two stems of "Horn in F" in the Instruments menu in Sibelius.

Trumpets I and II : presets loaded: Tr-3-VSL Preset Level 1 and Tr-6-VSL Preset Level 1. The first one (Tr-3) is not played back. They do correspond to the right channels in Playback Configuration and I have chosen Trumpet Ensemble Mute and Trumpet Ensemble a6, with Instrument Stems: Trumpet in Bb on both (in "Instruments") The channel that do respond (Tr-6) plays back expression but not articulations.

Trombones I and II: presets loaded: TB-3 VSL Preset Level 1  and TB-3_mu VSL Preset Level 1. They playback on the right channels but does not trigger articulations only espression.

Tuba: I have notated Legato but it plays back perf-rep_leg. Preset loaded: TU VSL Preset Level 1

Percussion: They don´t playback the right instruments. In general, should I choose Sound Id´s for these?

Strings: I have loaded Orchestral Presets for all, but they don´t playback the right articulations. For example, with Legato (slur) they play correctly the Perf Leg. but on staccato (keypad) there is no change. I have tried to add Technique Text "1", but no change. In Legato, if I write "Molto Vibrato" with Technique Text, it goes silent, (playing Portamento I think..)


Henrik Skram
filmcomposer - OSLO

OS 10.13.3 | Westmere 8-core 2,4GHz | 48Gb RAM
VEPro 7 (latest) | PT Ultimate | Sibelius Ultimate | Fireface UFX
Posted on Fri, Mar 16 2012 10:16
by andi
Joined on Wed, Feb 18 2004, Vienna, Posts 3175

Hi Henrik!
Please notice that you will have to use the VI presets that came with the sound sets. The sound sets don't work correctly with other presets. This seems to be the reason for your problem. In order to see these presets, they have to be copied to the VSL Custom Data folder.
Best regards,

Andreas Olszewski
Vienna Symphonic Library
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