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Help bring back the Yamaha BC3A breath controller
Last post Thu, Sep 05 2013 by rverne10, 7 replies.
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Posted on Tue, Jun 05 2012 00:09
by Marc B
Joined on Sat, Aug 09 2003, Canada, Posts 109

If you've never heard about the BC3A you've been missing out. It gives an amazing level of expression to any performances and a must have for any serious composer and performer. Sadly this product has been discontinued by Yamaha and I'm trying to get them to manufacture it again.
appreciate if you could add your signature to it regardless if you'd be
interested or not in that product. It takes just a few seconds of your time.

"Musicians and Composers wanting to buy the Yamaha BC3A"
http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/yama ... o%2BFriend

Thanks for your support and passing it along!

Posted on Tue, Jun 05 2012 10:04
by andyjh
Joined on Wed, Dec 15 2010, Posts 600

 Having used the BC1, BC2 and BC3 over the years,  I have never found them that controllable with the exception of controlling the VL1 (and those sounds were designed for a breath controller, as the sound doesn't play without it)

I don't think controlling a sample based library is so useful with them, I would think a WX5 or WX7 wind controller would probably be a better bet for a wind player.  The reason Yamaha stopped producing the breath controllers, is simply that people were not buying them.

I can achieve the same control, using the mod wheel or aftertouch, but then I'm a keyboard player not a wind player.

And as the MIDI Solutions Breath Control box is $200, that with the BC3a would be the best part of $300 - I don't think many would be sold.

Sorry,  no real support for your cause here.

Posted on Tue, Jun 05 2012 11:37
by DG
Joined on Wed, May 12 2004, Posts 8608

 I use mine all the time with the Woodwind legato patches, so I've signed the petition. I also use it with my Sample Modeling instruments. CME keyboards also have BC input, BTW. Wink

Wind controllers are fine (you can't get the Yamaha ones in the UK), but if you are primarily a keyboard player, it is really difficult to do well. I played the Recorder in school and also the Euphonium (badly) but still struggle with a WC.


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Posted on Sat, Sep 29 2012 22:53
by RootNDoo
Joined on Tue, Nov 25 2008, Posts 52


Everyone should sign this petition even if you don't think you would ever use one.  Because once you hear the results, you will.

These things are indespensable to me.  I already have one and am paranoid it will break.  I use it everytime I sequence brass or woodwinds.  An amazing little piece of gear. 

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Posted on Sat, May 25 2013 08:04
by Minimidi
Joined on Thu, May 02 2013, Posts 12
I have one of these, I think it's a good replacement if you compose using a computer.

Posted on Thu, Jun 13 2013 23:03
by niversen
Joined on Tue, Jun 04 2013, Posts 8

It is a great product.   I have it.  Also, be sure to get the new "headset" - the valving is much improved over what comes in the stock package.


 I can't see looking for another breath controller.  This one works great.  


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Posted on Thu, Sep 05 2013 19:02
by rverne10
Joined on Tue, May 26 2009, Michigan, USA, Posts 117

Akai has a wind controller-I have not used it.

Here's the link


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