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some much needed praise, and a few thoughts
Last post Tue, Aug 14 2012 by TobiasWagner, 3 replies.
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Posted on Mon, Aug 13 2012 01:22
by TobiasWagner
Joined on Mon, May 26 2003, New York, Posts 50


I just wanted to tell VSL, and rest of the world, how blown away I am by MIR. It has, again (after you guys introduced legato), completely changed the way I work. I can get great sounding results fairly quickly. And it's so much fun to use.

I also realized I need a new workstation pretty soon. Thanks for that! Angry

In all honesty, until I was using MIR, I recently favoured other libraries for their sound. Particularly LASS did very well. However, when I ran my VSL instruments through MIR, they went from being a 10-12 year-old library to sounding top notch. I'm back to mostly using VSL. In fact, I went through the pain-staking process and re-programmed the entire score for a feature film entitled "Inuk" that was mixed by Greg King in LA. He quite liked what he heard. It took me almost a month without sleep, but it was worth it. ;-)


Seriously, as far as I know, people out there do not realize that the whole VSL concept really only makes sense with the MIR. I ask my colleagues, and they frown when I tell them that VSL is on par with the other current libraries in terms of sound. They think of it as an 'expensive' reverb that will cater only one library. Marketing-wise, I think VSL could benefit if the MIR becomes a more integral part of the whole package. It's your secret weapon in the world of sampling libraries that no one else has (or ever will have).

I would like to add my vote to re-introducing some of the functionality of the old style groups in VE-Pro and MIR. Selection groups are great, especially for complex selections. However, most of the time, I want to be able to grab one instrument or fader, and move it together with the other group members. Having to select them manually, or go through a contextual menu to do so, and then holding ALT is cumbersome (think of the extra sleep you could get!). It would be great to enable and disable all groups for individual adjustments (or using a modifier like ALT to do the same), or, even better, have a floating window with a list of the groups which one can click to select, Pro-Tools style. That way, you could select multiple groups as well.

Lastly, when are you going to sample the Großer Sendesaal at the Funkhaus Nalepastraße in Berlin? What a great sounding room...



Posted on Mon, Aug 13 2012 19:18
by Karel
Joined on Mon, Jan 19 2009, Belgium, Posts 2173

Thanks a lot for the praise :).

In the current version of VE Pro 5, you can actually auto-link selected channels (it's a checkbox in the preferences), so at least you don't have to hold Alt any longer. A future update of VE Pro will most likely feature easier navigation between the Selection Groups available. We just haven't had the time to implement this so far...

Karel Bassez
Software Engineer
Vienna Symphonic Library
Posted on Tue, Aug 14 2012 01:22
by TobiasWagner
Joined on Mon, May 26 2003, New York, Posts 50

Hi Karel,

Thanks for your reply. I checked that box.

One more thing - when I set up a template and assign, say 36 destinations to various automation parameters, the ensemble gets really slow and sluggish. It all goes back to normal after reloading the particular ensemble. That feels like a bug to me.

However, in general, is there a CPU-drain on having volume and dry/wet sliders of 16 instruments assigned to automation parameters?

Many thanks,


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