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User demo's of Dimension Strings
Last post Sat, Sep 29 2012 by Erik, 3 replies.
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Posted on Fri, Sep 28 2012 15:45
by Erik
Joined on Sat, Nov 20 2004, The Netherlands, Posts 144


To inform you: I have made some additional short and moreover technical examples of what you can do with Dimension Strings. There is certainly more to come in due course: also DS combined with other products (of course also VSL will be featured).

I thought that it might be relevant before you decide to buy (or not) or simply just want to know more about it, all this presented quite humbly next to the two very informative video demo's of this wonderful product. You can find it here (also accessible for iPad owners).

Posted on Sat, Sep 29 2012 13:20
by hhpmusic
Joined on Sat, May 21 2011, Wuhan, Hubei, China, Posts 7
Oh, the National Day of China is here, and the GFW is very tight. So I can't get to your site!
blind musician from China
Posted on Sat, Sep 29 2012 16:05
by Erik
Joined on Sat, Nov 20 2004, The Netherlands, Posts 144


I just have made some new demo's with the 8 separate violins of Dimension Strings, combined with other products. I have used a fragment of 'South by South West', composed by Stephen Barton for DVZ strings; this work is offered as midi file on their site to compare their version with your own versions. Please note that this piece requires divisi strings: only with the Dimension Strings tracks themselves you can enjoy this feature. You can listen at:

All tracks: instruments positioned with VirtualSoundStage, verb: VSL- HybridVerb (Berlin Stage)

1. DS vlns 1 (8 players): divisi a/b 

2. VSL chambers vlns (1) 

3. DS vlns 1 (2 players) + VSL chambers vlns (1)

4. VSL orchestra vlns (1)

5. DS vlns 1 (4 players) - VSL orchestra vlns (1)

6  VSL appassionata vlns (1) 

7. DS vlns 1 (4 players) + VSL appassionata vlns (1) 

Full version of this work:

8. Session Strings Pro vlns (2) - vla- vlc - cb (divisi with nki 1 and 2)

9. DS vlns 1 - Session Strings Pro vlns (2) - vla- vlc - cb (divisi with nki 1 and 2), Violins 1 SSP replaced with DS

To give you even a better chance getting to know these patches I have included a rar file of all relevant sections: please note: as wave file. All dry, no verb, no Q or whatever. So you will be able to mix them yourself in your own DAW, with your own preferences. Also to prevent discussions about too much verb, not enough verb, no comping, too much comping, "what the hell did you do with the EQ" etc. I dediced to offer everything as raw as possible.

Only the postioning is based on the original files (again: with VirtualSoundStage, just because it is very affordable). I hope that this won't frustrate too much btw. Also you will find the other sections than violins 1 as only one wave file (the dowload size would be way too high). Of course all violins 1 sections are included (chamber/orchestra/appasionata)as special files to fulfil your possible needs to make your comparisons even more relevant. 

So you will find here to download a 121 Mb (packed) rar file with:

1.  DS vlns 1 (2 players) 

2.  DS vlns 1 (4 players) 

3.  DS vlns 1 (8 players) 

4.  VSL chambers: vlns1

5.  VSL chambers: vlns2 - vla - vlc  - cb

6.  VSL orchestra: vlns1

7.  VSL orchestra: vlns2 - vla - vlc  - cb

8.  VSL appassionata: vlns1

9.  VSL appassionata: vlns2 - vla - vlc  - cb

10. Session Strings Pro vlns1

11. Session Strings Pro: vlns2 - vla - vlc  - cb

I hope that this will inform you the best possible way about this new remarkable product.

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