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Posted on Tue, Oct 30 2012 16:38
by dmarocco
Joined on Sat, Jun 30 2007, Posts 11

I have been using VE Pro for a while in Logic with the 1 instance per instrument method, but am trying to create a large orchestral template and keep running into the same problem with Logic.  I cannot find a way to conveniently control the volume, pan and send level without having to write automation for each.

I am using the Multiport layer, and have used a transformer to pass CC7 CC10 & CC91(reverb) to VE Pro and set those up in VE Pro to conrol the VE Pro Mixer.  This works well, except that Logic is not sending MIDI chase unless automation is written.  So, when I switch between projects, any tweaking of levels that was done in induvudal sessions without automation written will not be sent to VE Pro unless it was automated.  Automating each of those values for every track is just not practical for me.  And, even if I automated everything, while working, when I switch to another session it would be stuck with the values from the previous session unless I build in a regions with a MIDI reset on every track for every session.  And, I dohave Logic MIDI Chase settings set to chase everything, but it just doesn't send the information from the MIDI channel strip.  

So, my question to the community is if you are using Logic and VE Pro together, how do you control volume adjustments between sessions? And has anyone been able to get Logic to send MIDI CC chase commands with out the data being automated?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

Posted on Wed, Oct 31 2012 12:54
by mosso
Joined on Thu, Jun 23 2005, London, England, Posts 376

In the left hand pane of the arrange window in Logic (just below the inspector and above the channel strip) there is a panel for the MIDI instrument settings. Tick the boxes next to Volume and Pan. In the MIDI pane of the project settings make sure the box next to 'send after loading project: used MIDI instrument settings' is ticked. That should do it for CC7 & 10. For 91 you could try also ticking the 'send after loading project: all fader values' box.

Martin Thornton
<a href="http://www.mosso.co.uk/" target="_blank">www.mosso.co.uk</a>
Posted on Fri, Nov 09 2012 18:58
by Davidq
Joined on Mon, May 14 2012, Posts 10
I'm a bit of a MIDI beginner even though I've been using Logic Pro for several years, so excuse me if this sounds a bit silly....

I have VEPro5 and also Kontakt Player 5 and have wanted to somehow use the automation for loudness control, fade in and out, etc. on tracks in Logic which are run through VEP5... What happens with using 1 instance of VEP5 is that I can use the Volume control on Logic but it will be for the entire VEP5 and not just for the track I would like to control. It seems that I can control the whole instance, but not individual midi outputs to or from Logic when in play mode. I've tried doing this multi-layer thing, but it didn't seem to work either, or I missed something. It would be nice to be able to automate the volume levels of individual tracks that are playing through the VEP5, but so far no luck. Have tried different things, but so far nothing. I've been reading and rereading the manual but cannot get any further with my limited knowledge. Any help would be appreciated.

The same thing happens with my Kontakt Player tracks, using just 1 instance of KP, but let's say 2-3 midi channels from Session Strings Pro, and 2-3 different sounds or appegiator, and no volume control there either for the individual midi playback channels. Help, thanks! David
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