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about samples distribution across hard disks
Last post Tue, Nov 27 2012 by BeatlesForever, 4 replies.
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Posted on Fri, Nov 23 2012 04:26
by BeatlesForever
Joined on Mon, May 09 2011, Posts 39

Hi there !

I just bought a MaxPower 6G PCIe eSATA card and 2 nice external drives for the mac pro, getting rid of fw800, so I decided to organize at the best all the 4 audio drives ( 2 intenal wd black caviar, 2 external OWC Mercury, 1Tb each).

My questions are:

- let's say I have 4 VEPRO big instances, containing Kontakt's ones, called "Percussions", "Drums", "Orchestra" and "Keyboards & Synths".

Is it better to address each one instance' s samples to a single drive (for instance "Audio 1 - Percussions" , "Audio 2 - Orchestra", and so on), or is it better putting all the samples all across the 4 drives randomly, balancing the weight for all the instances ? (so Audio 1, and any other drives, feeds more or less equally all the instances) ?

- can I make a raid 0 of all these 4 disks together, and if there is any advantage in doing so, rather than keeping them detached?

- if I decide to keep also 2 extra FW800 hds (which are 2x 1Tb "WD My Passport Studio" , and I doubt they run at 7200 rpm) , can I make a 1st  raid 0 for the internal drives, a 2nd raid 0 for the eSATAs and a 3rd one for the firewire ones? Or again, it's better keeping all the 6 detached?

In other words, having 2 internal SATA, 2 external eSATA, and 2 fw800 drives, what would be the best configuration for performance ?

Sorry for such dumb questions, and thanks for your time,


Posted on Mon, Nov 26 2012 15:55
by BeatlesForever
Joined on Mon, May 09 2011, Posts 39

sorry, I bump this just once, because I cannot find objective informations around, especially for what regards vepro.

Thanks for any suggestion

Posted on Mon, Nov 26 2012 18:14
by Bill
Joined on Fri, Sep 23 2005, Berkshires, MA, Posts 995

Go for even distrabution across the drives.  What's in which instance of VE Pro makes no difference.  Actually, it's much simpler to have everything in one instance of VEP; you won't have to spend time switching back and forth.  Don't make a RAID 0.  Don't put samples on your system drive.

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Posted on Tue, Nov 27 2012 07:43
by BeatlesForever
Joined on Mon, May 09 2011, Posts 39

thanks Bill for the reply, very appreciated..

I think I'll go along with the 4 SATA / eSATA drives detached as usual, and I'll add the 2 WD My Passport Studio FW800 drives where I'll put the libraries I use the less...my only doubt is that these 2 drives might not be 7200 rpm (it's not written anywhere if they are so), found out some reviews about in which they say they are 5400 rpm...but in the end I think that if I access to them less frequently, they will cut the job flawlessly, and I gain audio streaming access to 6 drives overall, which becomes quite empty then...hehe..

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