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Very disappointed about lack of infos
Last post Wed, Feb 27 2013 by The Minstrel, 8 replies.
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Posted on Sun, Dec 30 2012 22:59
by epichornblower
Joined on Sun, Dec 30 2012, Posts 1
Okay, I admit it: It was may fault to purchase without reading every single page on this website. Based on many YouTube demos, I have finally purchased my first Vienna Instrument and was hoping to get what I saw. Instead, I cannot use KONTAKT as a player engine, but had to install another proprietary engine again (first PLAY now Vienna Instruments) and need to keep all fingers crossed that it will work on Logic Mac. All the popup windows during the launch of Logic look less than promising and it seems that I can now move from a once stable system to one which goes to instable due to "whatever-is-loaded-in-the-background" stuff. This for sure was the WORST software installation experience I´ve had in a very long time (even as a beta tester for many big companies).

I hope that at least the sounds are good... why is there no clear mention on the single instruments page how everything works? I mean "entitles you to download the free player" sounds like a can-do-that and not like a must.
Posted on Mon, Dec 31 2012 10:48
by VSL
Joined on Tue, Dec 02 2014, Posts

It will all work in Logic. I understand the fact that you would have wanted it all to work in kontakt. But the vienna engine is by far the best one on the market. Kontakt is a very good sampler. But you can't imagine how much work vienna instruments (pro) will save you. You can't compare this engine with Play :) What popup windows do you get? You know you need a vienna key top run it properly right?

Posted on Mon, Dec 31 2012 14:12
by andyjh
Joined on Wed, Dec 15 2010, Posts 600

Once you start using the Vienna Instruments Player (upgrading to VI Pro would be the best thing your ever did),  you would never want to buy or use a library that uses Kontakt or Play again. 

VSL have not used Kontakt for years,  that was a very old YouTube demo you must have seen.

Posted on Mon, Dec 31 2012 17:25
by Bill
Joined on Fri, Sep 23 2005, Berkshires, MA, Posts 1153

Actaully, they never used Kontakt, they used GigaStudio.  But the Kontak library includes stripped down versions of VSL orchestral insturments, so perhaps that's what the Youtubes were.

But no reason to look at Youtube with all the videos on the the VSL website...

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Posted on Tue, Jan 01 2013 11:40
by DG
Joined on Wed, May 12 2004, Posts 8608
Bill wrote:

Actaully, they never used Kontakt, they used GigaStudio.  But the Kontak library includes stripped down versions of VSL orchestral insturments, so perhaps that's what the Youtubes were.

Not quite correct. The Horizon series was released for Kontakt. It was just the big boy libraries that were only Giga and EXS. Mind you, these libraries were discontinued about 7 years ago, so in software terms those videos on YouTube are dinosaurs. Surprise


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Posted on Tue, Jan 01 2013 21:07
by Casiquire
Joined on Sat, May 01 2010, Posts 325
Kontakt isn't even mentioned on the product pages. If it worked in Kontakt they'd mention which version of Kontakt is required, or they'd mention whether or not free Kontakt Player works as well. I'd be more frustrated at the Youtube videos for being misleading than at VSL. But in any event, the VI player has been incredibly stable on every machine I've used, and as others have said it's more customizable than most other players, especially Play.
Posted on Tue, Jan 01 2013 22:00
by dbudde
Joined on Sun, Mar 02 2003, Seattle,WA USA, Posts 466

I appreciate and agree with the frustration of the OP.  It is very confusing for someone coming from a Kontakt experience to VSL for the first time.  Kontakt 5 (the current shipping version) ships with a library that includes a not insignificant amount of VSL instruments and samples that run in Kontakt.  So it is not a dinosaur nor are youtube videos made from these samples.  These samples are based on the very same ones that come with Vienna Instruments in its current incarnation.  The only difference is the bit depth and the number of articulations.  So it is not unreasonable to expect that other current products from VSL will work with Kontakt.  

Posted on Wed, Feb 27 2013 08:08
by The Minstrel
Joined on Fri, Oct 16 2009, Sweden, Posts 119

I understand the the frustration. Not sure VSL is to blame though, still, I agree they could make this information more explicit on the "System requirements" page.

Anyways, where your problems resolved? Are you up and running with VI now? I'm confident you'll come to appreciate VI once you have worked out your problems. As others have stated, it is by far the most stable and customizable sample playback engine out there. I can honestly say that the only problem I've ever experienced with VI is that it makes Kontakt, PLAY and Engine so frustrating to work with in comparison. I wish all my sample libraries could be loaded into VI...

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