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Can VSL strings produce a sound like this?
Last post Tue, Jan 08 2013 by William, 5 replies.
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Posted on Sun, Jan 06 2013 22:26
by emspace
Joined on Sat, Oct 03 2009, Posts 53

I grew up in the 80s watching an anime series called Robotech and recently finished watching a movie adaptation of the series—Macross: Do You Remember Love?—for the first time since I last saw it over twenty years ago. Of course, back then DAWs/plugins/samples/etc. weren't part of my life so what really grabbed my attention this time around was Kentaro Haneda's beautiful score. The strings in two particular pieces have been haunting me (in a good way) ever since:

- Teenage Dream (second half): isolated / scene
- Before the Battle: isolated / scene

Now, I'm the type of person that believes anything in the right pair of skilled hands is possible, but my inexperience is getting in the way of trying to imagine this sound being reproduced with VSL—is it possible? Are there specific VSL string libraries I should be looking at? Are there any inherent technical limitations (e.g., lack of particular articulations, a special kind of recording technique, etc.) of the VSL string libraries that would prevent this sound from being reproduced? Wrong type of library?

Posted on Mon, Jan 07 2013 00:30
by Popslaw
Joined on Wed, Jun 22 2011, Posts 138

Hi emspace,

Here's a quick excerpt of Teenage Dream, to give you an idea of what the line might sound like with VSL strings (Dimension Violins layered with Appassionata Violins). I only used a few articulations and spent about 5 minutes on it, so someone with more time and skill could certainly make it sound nice.

Teenage Dream



Posted on Mon, Jan 07 2013 00:55
by emspace
Joined on Sat, Oct 03 2009, Posts 53

Wow, thanks so much for doing that, Brian! This is encouraging! :)

Would you say it's mostly Dimension or mostly Appassionata? Or was the layering kind of evenly split? Also, which reverb do you use?

Posted on Mon, Jan 07 2013 01:12
by Popslaw
Joined on Wed, Jun 22 2011, Posts 138

It's probably about 70% App and 30% Dimension Strings, I think. I haven't really worked out how to best layer the Dimension Strings with other libraries yet.

I used the Teldex studio from MIR Pro for the reverb, with the Dimension Strings spread out over the left side of the stage and the App Strings in the back. Again, there are probably better ways to set up the stage.


Posted on Tue, Jan 08 2013 03:13
by William
Joined on Sun, Nov 24 2002, USA, Posts 5732

 This is a crisp, in-your-face string sound with a long reverb, so you can easily do this with Orchestral Strings, Chamber Strings, Dimension or Appassionata, depending on how large an ensemble you want.  Also, you can layer Chamber for example, with Appassionata, to get a tighter sound on the attacks and legato.  And then if you place it into MIR, you can use the customized presets for those instruments and adjust however much reverb you want very easily. 

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