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Posted on Sun, Mar 31 2013 23:32
by lf1123
Joined on Sun, May 20 2012, Posts 7

Hi Gang,
Is there a way to address multiple midi ports in one instance of VEPro? For example, from within Cubase
I want to put Kontak on Midi Port-1 Chnls 1-8 and StylusRMX on Midi Port-2 Chnls 1-8 all in the same instance. Now I can set this up in VEPro but I dont see a way to choose a midi port from within Cubase. And of course I can call up another instance of VEPro but I'm trying to do this within a single instance. Or should I look at it as - One Instance Of VePro = 1 Midi Port?
Thanks for any help, -lf

Posted on Mon, Apr 01 2013 04:14
by civilization 3
Joined on Sat, May 16 2009, SF Bay Area, Posts 1807

connect to VE Pro as VST3. which is indicated by 3 slanted vertical bars to the left of the plugin name in VST Instruments rack. You can get up to 48 ports per.

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Posted on Tue, Apr 02 2013 13:50
by lf1123
Joined on Sun, May 20 2012, Posts 7
In my VST Instruments rack VEPro dosen't show as VST3. Let me add that I am using two computers as a Master/Slave setup. Does this make a difference?
Posted on Tue, Apr 02 2013 14:36
by Paul
Joined on Sat, Aug 03 2002, Vienna, Posts 12789


If you´re on Cubase 7: Steinberg decided to move the 3 bars as an indication.... don´t ask me why. 

But there are 2 entries for VE PRO, one of it must be the VST3 version. 



Paul Kopf
Product Manager - Vienna Symphonic Library
Posted on Wed, Apr 03 2013 14:11
by lf1123
Joined on Sun, May 20 2012, Posts 7


U Da Man! I saw both entries but thought I was supposed to use the one marked "x64" because I'm running Cubase in 64bit mode. Why did Steinberg remove the hash bars? (Oops you told me not to ask, lol)
Anyway, thanks a bunch. One less day of scratching my head.

Best Regards,
Posted on Wed, Nov 21 2018 00:07
Joined on Fri, Dec 11 2009, Posts 1

Dear Paul and Civilisation3, thank you so much for this. You saved me at midnight, there I was writing a few bars of music here and there in between tending my sick 4 year old daughter (which is distraction enough, as if we need any more distractions from our musical endeavours!) at the kitchen table on my laptop and I needed a 17th Midi port. I found the VST3 version and voila - sorted. Loadsa ports avaioable and each with 16 channels. The 3 slanted bars are back in use on Cubae Pro 9 by the way. Praise be to Cubase lol!


Keep on creating people. 

Cheers Charlie

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