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Disable Cells feature - Best way to use?
Last post Thu, Jun 13 2013 by clruwe, 3 replies.
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Posted on Mon, Jun 10 2013 21:25
by clruwe
Joined on Sat, May 07 2011, Posts 100

About a month ago I discovered this wonderful new feature which allows me to open up a full, extra large, orchestra without having to wait for an hour for it to load. When I'm composing it's great! Since then cells are automatically enabled on MIDI activity, thus keeping unused articulations off and saving RAM.

However, when I want to load the project again (say for mixing or tweaking), all cells are disabled again. Until now I have been doing a pass with the master muted and consequently allowing cells to be re-enabled on MIDI activity, but the computer goes a bit bonkers and often it requires more than one pass for it to actually enable EVERY cell.... For some reason sometimes it skips a few. This is very unreliable on large, complex works.

So my question for the community is: what is the best way of using this feature? The problem is the "load cells disable" is a setting in VE PRO, but the "enable cells" is a setting in VI Pro. So I'm stuck between two options 1.- Remember to turn off the feature in VE when loading a finished project, or 2.- go one by one in VI turning them on. If you've already "optimized" a project, it would be good to save a specific setting for that viframe.

O better yet, have one button on VE Pro that "enables all cells" as opposed to on VI Pro...Especially if it's already been "optimized".

Looking forward to your opinions!


Running Windows 7 (64bit), I7 with 24GB of RAM
Posted on Wed, Jun 12 2013 17:47
by FredB
Joined on Sat, Apr 01 2006, Montreal, Posts 669

Personnaly, I like to keep the global disable cells option active, so each time I load a project, no unused cells are load. Of coarse you have to play the song about 2 times two have but I prefer to live with it unstead of taking more times to manualy clean unused cells. It's still faster and no-brainer this way for me.

If your libraries resides on a standart hard drive, it may be a pain to work this way, but on SSD's it work great.

Even if you turn off ''load all cells disabled  off'', you still can deactivate all cell with the ''disable all cells'' fonction in VEP. (in the Vienna Instruments menu, alt-cmd-D on Mac) 


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Posted on Thu, Jun 13 2013 17:36
by clruwe
Joined on Sat, May 07 2011, Posts 100

Hi Fred, thank you for your reply! Yes, this is the way I use it too. But like I said before, when I open a project that's already been "optimized" it would be nice to have a way to just "enable all cells", since then it would just load used samples.

It's quite bizarre that they would put these two options in different parts of the system. I can see the advantage when starting from scratch, but not when you need to re-open the project many different times for mixing/mastering.

Running Windows 7 (64bit), I7 with 24GB of RAM
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