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Dimension Strings Patches
Last post Thu, Jul 11 2013 by DG, 2 replies.
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Posted on Thu, Jul 11 2013 07:38
by oove
Joined on Fri, Feb 01 2013, Posts 2

Hello Friends,

i am looking for a quite ordinary up bow and down bow. I think to red that keyword in the manual, but now i can't find it anymore. It should sound like that:


You can see the up and down bows and i don't know, what patch to choose.

First i played with legato, which is too soft. Also played with staccato or spiccato, which is too hard. Best is sfz or some detache patches. Is that right? I think i tried all patches ... here is the essence of 16 patches, what remained in my matrix.


Some patches have still have the same attack and transitions. The difference is later in sound. That is regular Player 1:

0:00 detache long, (too close)

0:04 detache short, (good Sound but i hear overlaps)

0:08 fortepiano, (tuning instable)

0:11 performance legato non vibrato, (too close)

0:15 performance legato vibrato (no difference)

0:20 performance portamento vibrato (not suitable)

0:24 performance repetition portamento (i don't wanted accents)

0:28 performance repitition spiccato (i don't wanted accents)

0:31 performance repetition staccato (no difference)

0:35 performance thrill legato (still the same atack)

0:40 performance thrill marcato (tuning instable, staccato like, overlaps)

0:44 sforzandissimo (maybe the best, but overlaps. I hear more than one Violin)

0:47 sforzando (almost too soft, it is more legato like, could work)

0:51 staccato (i don't wanted accants or staccato)

0:55 sustain non vibrato (is a bit clean and flanging)

0:59 sustain vibrato (works quite good, could be more precisely, especially considering more players)

On the end of the mp3 is a combination of patches, what have a more staccato character as i wanted.

Here is the result with two instruments (8 violins and 6 celli):


And maybe you have a hint for me, how to reach a official up and downbow instead of legato or staccato.

The effect of this lib is noble, but i look for a safe way because i don' want to program the same thing many times after finding a better way ;-)

Posted on Thu, Jul 11 2013 08:26
by DG
Joined on Wed, May 12 2004, Posts 8608

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