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Pops & Clicks via LAN
Last post Sun, Aug 04 2013 by Zelorkq, 1 replies.
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Posted on Sun, Aug 04 2013 21:12
by Zelorkq
Joined on Fri, Sep 28 2012, Posts 36

Hi all,

I've had a go at setting up my template on master PC & slave PC, everything except for one thing seems to be set up perfectly.

Master PC (Xeon, 32GB RAM, X-Fi, onboard Qualcomm Atheros AR8161/8165 PCI-E Gigabit LAN): Cubase 7, VEP 5, MIR, VIPro, PLAY
Slave PC (i7, 24Gb RAM, onboard Realtek® 8111C PCIe Gigabit LAN): VEP 5, Kontakt etc.

I've routed a couple of outputs from my slave PC to the master PC's VEP via audio input plugins.

Former posts that I've read tend to discuss problems of pops & clicks when playing back their song in their DAW, but the problem is resolved once the final version is exported.
My problem is slightly different. I keep on getting pops at the exact same time intervals in my piece in the final exported recording (for example my song is 2:30 long, the crackles always occur at 0:09 and 0:54). This only happens on outputs that have been re-routed via audio input plugins; once I disable the plugin it works fine; however, that's not a solution for me because I'm using MIR in VEP for these instruments. (I do occasionally have one or two pops when playing back, but that
doesn't concern me; the exact same parts (here 0:09 and 0:54) in the song mostly don't have any pops/crackles in them when playing back.)

If I remove every midi passage of those instruments, the pops/crackles are gone, but that obviously doesn't help me.. I have tried everything apart from buying a new network card for my slave PC and giving that a try (I've read the Intel Gigabit CT is good for this). I don't want to rush out and buy a new network card because there's only a slight chance that'll help. A list of things I've tried:

- Cubase: File->Export mp3 & wav

- Installed older VEP version

- Changed the VEP buffer to 0...2...4

- Changed MIR buffer to 0...2048...16k

- Disabled MIR completely

- Changed Asio4All buffer (but this doesn't effect anything because the final exported file can be exported even if I have "no device" selected, thus my soundcard cannot be the issue either)

- Loaded older version of the song

- Disabled all Firewall and other programs

- Disabled all 'extra' network adapters (like Virtual Machines etc.)

- Changed IP to static

- Loaded a different template with similar instruments

- Changed the played instruments on the slave PC

- Changed the 'In 1/2', 'In 3/4' of audio input plugins to other inputs

- Tried 32bit and 64bit Audio Input Plugins

All of these have given me the exact same pop/crackle. Is there anything else I can try, is there another solution? Tbh I doubt a different network card will solve this issue and I've run out of ideas.

Thanks in advance!

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