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Jay Bacal's setup
Last post Tue, Oct 08 2013 by Pyre, 4 replies.
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Posted on Thu, Sep 26 2013 10:06
by Gil Smetana
Joined on Sun, Feb 10 2013, Posts 9
Dear VSL Community,

I'm training my VSL/VI Pro skills with Jay Bacal's tutorials. I'm currently working on the Bassoon sonata by Saint Sans.
I've downloaded the Midi file and imported it into my DAW (Pro Tools 10).
Here are some questions I'd love to know about:

1-What matrices does Jay use for the demos? The key switches on the demo's Midi file don't exactly correspond to any of VSL's matrices and/ or are sometimes located on keys which are not assigned to any preset. Are there special presets/ matrices for the demos?
For example: In the Bassoon's demo Midi file- The key switches are written below the playing notes. But the key switches in the VSL matrices are located above the instrument's playing range (which is usually the case with VSL's bass instrument's matrices). I cannot figure out what articulations/ samples are used where.

2-Does Jay use velocity x-fade? In the Midi file I can only see CC curves drawn for the expression- Which is usually set to maximum and only used for occasional crescendos/diminuendos- but no velocity curves. The note's velocities look like they've been drawn musically, so I figure Jay used note velocity and not X-fade velocity..?

I've tried other tutorial midi files by Jay and still couldn't find how his Vi is set.

I'd appreciate any info on how to achieve Jay Bacal's stunning results as they sound on the MP3 files.

Many thanks, Regards

Gil Smetana

Here are some demos I made with my VSL.

Mac Pro, Dual quad core. 16 GB RAM.
Pro Tools 10, Sibelius 7
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Posted on Thu, Sep 26 2013 10:43
by Gil Smetana
Joined on Sun, Feb 10 2013, Posts 9
Sorry!!- I don't know why the paragraphs got squashed to one chunk...
Posted on Sun, Sep 29 2013 07:11
by Peter Alexander
Joined on Wed, Aug 21 2002, Virginia, Posts 642

You have to hit Enter twice to get the correct spacing.

Peter L. Alexander
Author, Professional Orchestration Series
Posted on Tue, Oct 08 2013 12:29
by Pyre
Joined on Thu, Jun 28 2012, Posts 147
I wondered if it would be possible for Mr Bacal to record his actions next time he puts together a VSL demo, making a video demo of his processes/workflow, from notation/sequencing, then keyswitches/velocities, then effects and mixdown. I would have thought that would be the most comprehensive tutorial on how to use Vienna Instruments. Bits of the footage could always be sped up, so it could fit into a 10-minute video or thereabouts. Just a thought!

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Vienna Suite, Vienna MIR and room packs 1-5
Sibelius 7 and Komplete 8
All 64-bit.
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