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Preload size and memory consumption does not match?
Last post Mon, Mar 17 2014 by Sapkiller, 3 replies.
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Posted on Thu, Mar 06 2014 10:31
by Sapkiller
Joined on Tue, Nov 05 2002, Copenhagen - Denmark, Posts 395

Dear Vienna

I use SSD for all my libraries now and have set the preload size in directory manager to 1536 - but it does not seem to lower my memory consumption correspondingly. I first noticed this with VE Pro, but decided to a separate test using VI Pro standalone and it is the same.

When I start up the computer and a VI Pro standalone instance my taskmanger shows a memory use of 4.96 Gb - then I load the big Dimension Violins VI-All Large Set L2ext preset. This is listed to be using 8526 Mb of memory using default preload size (16384 bytes) so I expect the memory load to be 8526 Mb * 1536/16384 = 799 Mb - And this is also what the VI Pro reports in the top left window: 799Mb/272840 Samples.

However when I read the memory consumption in task manger it now reads 9.14 Gb, so an increase in memory consumption of 9.14 – 4.96 = 4.18 G. Approx. 4 times the reported memory load in VI Pro.

Any idea of what is going on?

Best regards
Posted on Mon, Mar 17 2014 13:22
by gyohng
Joined on Tue, Nov 22 2005, Posts 183


I apologize for the late reply - I initially misunderstood the message, thinking that reducing the preload actually increases the memory usage, and was trying to fruitlessly reproduce the flaw.

Vienna Instruments Pro internally only reports the wave usage, not including the metadata. Dimension Violins however contain an immense amount of mapping/articulation data (the metainformation about placement of the notes, etc). This is not displayed on the internal counter, and indeed for the large presets this data may take gigabytes of memory and grow with each inserted VI instance. We will look into it for the future versions to avoid the confusion.


Posted on Mon, Mar 17 2014 13:34
by Sapkiller
Joined on Tue, Nov 05 2002, Copenhagen - Denmark, Posts 395

Hi George

yes - I was just about to bump up the post - but you got there first :-)

That's a lot of metadata....maybe that can get into shared memory too in the future like the samples do now.

Thx for your reply -

Best regards
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