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Anyone using VSL + Performance Tool + Sibelius + Giga
Last post Mon, Oct 25 2004 by MikeHC, 5 replies.
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Posted on Wed, Oct 20 2004 22:38
by MikeHC
Joined on Thu, Feb 19 2004, Cognac, France, Posts 96
Trying to work out whether to fork out for VSL, and from reading the forum and sales blurb, a large part of VSL's attraction seems to be in the Performance Tool. But I can't find much information on how it would work in the context of sample playback from Sibelius via GS2/GS3.

Anyone got this working, and does it work?
Posted on Thu, Oct 21 2004 01:12
by techtim
Joined on Tue, Aug 17 2004, Perth, Australia, Posts 10
The performance tool works well with Sib3 and VSL, but you have to imbed midi messages in your score, because Sib3 doesn't give you the ability to associate text with Note On & Off midi messages. The tool is a simple way of implementing key switches between different articulations. I have VSL Opus 1, because the key switch range for each instrument is different I use the performance tool to map the key switches to the same range. That is the Sib3 midi command ~N1,1 O1,1 will always switch to a sustained sample independent of the instrument loaded. Although you could possibly do the same using GS3 new iMidi rules, I was able to set up the tool for 10 instruments in 1/2 an hour, mainly because the tool come with all the presets for the instruments in the sample library you purchased.

If nothing else the performance tool will save you time.
Posted on Thu, Oct 21 2004 14:15
by MikeHC
Joined on Thu, Feb 19 2004, Cognac, France, Posts 96
Does your setup include a "proper" legato?

Don't much like the sound of having to use MIDI messages to switch articulations - at the moment (not using VSL) I'm doing it with patch change messages via the Sibelius Dictionary and a customised Sound Set, - so to switch to pizz or spiccato I just write pizz or spiccato in the score!

Maybe Sibelius will come out with a way of associating other MIDI messages, not just patch changes, with words in the score. I'll get onto the Sib newsgroup and suggest it!
Posted on Fri, Oct 22 2004 01:22
by techtim
Joined on Tue, Aug 17 2004, Perth, Australia, Posts 10
Opus1 does come with Legato instruments and the Performance tool is reported to be the best way of using them, but I haven't got around to trying them yet. It is a bit odd that the tool doesn't give you the option of using program changes to switch between patterns, but I suppose it's more of a real time performance tool, as it's much easier to hit a key switch key while your actually playing, than change program. I wish I could play the keyboard well enough to do this.

I was intending to do what you are doing, that is using program changes but there's a bug in GS3, where it doesn't always honour program changes which does somewhat distort the output. So I have reverted to using key switches until Tascam have fixed this bug.
Posted on Mon, Oct 25 2004 12:52
by MikeHC
Joined on Thu, Feb 19 2004, Cognac, France, Posts 96
Yes, the GS3 program change bug is infuriating. Have you seen Jon Fairfurst's suggestion (may have been in another forum) about setting Sib to use a note duration of 99%? This seems to get around it - mostly - although I still have problems sometimes, especially with the initial setting of patches at the start of a piece.

The one thing that really bugs me about sampled orchestral sounds is that you just can't write big sweeping fast legato passages. With some string instruments I've tried the attack is so slow that it's moved onto the next note almost before the last one has become audible! And on woodwind too - fast scales can sound as though the player has tongued every note, which sometimes sounds downright ridiculous. The VSL freebies that come with GS3 are one of the worst in this respect: hence my caution about buying VSL.

If I understand you rightly, then the Performance Tool is really no more than a method of switching between articulations, which (GS3 bugs permitting) can very easily and efficiently be done using Sib and GS together. In which case I don't think I need the Performance Tool. Or have I missed something here?
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