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Who uses Cubase Expression Maps?
Last post Tue, Jul 29 2014 by Wizzarts, 4 replies.
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Posted on Fri, Jul 25 2014 00:13
by Shawn Gibson
Joined on Tue, Sep 23 2008, Toronto, Posts 192

Just with VSL I mean. I'm very curious, because in one day I've done more than I would in a month. But of course, I hear things in my head that aren't part of the map. How do you deal with that?

Eternal Nube with a passion for all-things VSL.
Posted on Tue, Jul 29 2014 09:58
by Wizzarts
Joined on Mon, Sep 23 2013, Posts 47


well, I am running Sibelius rewired to Cubase and VSL on a slave-computer. I am not using the soundsets at all. Those are nice in a steady setup but I am switching instruments quite often, so soundsets can be a real nightmare. Also the performance lacks when using soundsets in a huge score.

So I decided to use expression maps in cubase. Also while working in Sibelius synced via rewire. Syncronization is not an issue anymore since Ensemble Pro is doing the cpu-consuming job on the slave computer.

And YES. It is true that the expression maps don't cover all articulations. It is good for a start but when you need the full set you will have to add those needed articulations manually to the expression map. You can easily expand them by adding all things you want.

But expression maps and VSL can be tricky. My solution is to change the grid resolution to 64th via sortcut and place the articulations strikly before the note to make sure the KS is triggered before the note.

When importing midi-files one should make sure that there are no KS entered as notes in the piano-roll.

Expression maps are a growing thing....


Posted on Tue, Jul 29 2014 15:13
by Shawn Gibson
Joined on Tue, Sep 23 2008, Toronto, Posts 192

Thanks Andy. I'll look into expanding the map with the articulations I want to add. Hopefully there's something on YouTube to help.

I'm generally set to 64th or 128th on the grid and I have already noticed that timing is crucial with the ticks in the expression maps. 

Once I figure out how to add articulations, I'll make a map for the Upright Bass, which I absolutely love. Unless I'm doing rock, Trillian is collecting dust these days. I should also see if the SE 1 and 2+ drums can be used in the drum editor. Anything to help visualize is a good thing for me:)


Eternal Nube with a passion for all-things VSL.
Posted on Tue, Jul 29 2014 17:10
by Wizzarts
Joined on Mon, Sep 23 2013, Posts 47

Hi Shawn,

I absolutely agree...

There is nearly no sound-library left that I haven't bought yet. A few years ago I had the opportunity to fool around with the VSL but I didn't like the dry sound.

Now that I own Mir Pro I must say it is the best in my stack when it comes to realistic soundfiles. While other libraries most commonly have some lacks here and there the VSL library is very constant in quality.

Okay, there are some sounds I don't like ie. the trumpets. But this is not a matter of quality but a matter of taste. The trumpets follow the vienna philosophy which means a very narrow sound while I prefer the Berlin philisophy with a rich and wide sound. To understand what I mean compare the sound of Marsalis or Blanchard with the sound of Güttler.

Again, this is not about the quality but my taste like popping into a music store and buying a new trumpet, - Schilke or Monette? Well, for me it would always be a Monette Smile

In my experience it depends on the customers. Realism - VSL for sure. Jazzy - Broadway Bigband.

For drums I commonly use Stormdrum, Goliath or Fab Four. But I will give the VSL drums a go.

Timpani will always be VIR2, - also my taste.

The VSL is the first library which allows me to create a maximum realistic concertband. Thanks to Andreas for his help as well as the whole support-team.

Don't worry about adding articulations. Quite easy to do and you will get your routine. No magic about it.

Take care


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