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Posted on Mon, Aug 04 2014 18:09
by garrcrowley@yahoo.com
Joined on Tue, Nov 06 2007, Posts 66

RUNNING: WIN 7 I7, CUBASE 7.5, INTRMNTS PRO2, ENS PRO5, AKAI MPK88, RME 400, Several Single Instrument-Special Eds
Hi. This is a Midi Learn -Instruments Pro 2 problem, so I'm not sure if I'm on the correct page with this query.
 I'm setting up a new system.. In Instruments Pro2 when assigning 'Midi Learn"  (ie  rt clk 'slot X Fade-push fader on keyboard)  Instruments Pro 2 automatically assigns also the Perform Function next to the selected one (ie  rt clk '\"slot X Fade" -push fader on keyboard, and Slot X Fade AND  Expression are learned. In addition these 2 are learned to  on every fader.  Learning a second function then activates 3 Perform functions to every fader. It's as if assigning to one fader learns  them all.  Rt clking on a given Perform function gui slider will disable that function, but relearning a disabled function "learns" also once again  whatever is next to that given function and to all faders again.

My last attempt comprised midi learn to Slot X Fade on my 1st fader. This learned Vel X Fade and Slot X F ade., on all faders. I Rt clk disabled the Vel X Fades and re-learned Vel X Fade on mt 2nd fader. This resulted in M. Learning Vel X, Slot X fade & Dyn R's, running all together on all faders-- and etc & etc.

I spoke with Akai about this but they don't know the VSL Software. There best guess was some kind of proprietary (?) midi channel assignment in Intrmnts P 2 that needs to be assigned. Maybe so as i had  this problem with a Novation 49 also. I have no problems in using Midi Learn in Kontakt.

Can anyone help me out here?

Thanks in advance.

Big PS

I went back and watched something in this process. What is happening is that the midi learn process for me is reaasigning the controller numbers, ie Slot X Fade is cc22, Vol is cc7. Rt Clk-Midi Learn on the Slot X Fade and moving a fader and the slot X Fade cc22 is changed to cc7 and of course scrolls concurrently with cc7.

 So the new question is how to keep the slot x etc cc controllers in there original assignments?

Again, does anyone Know what I need to do to fix this?

Thanks again, again, in advance, again

g.c (again)

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